I'm back to EQ2, 3-boxing.

I went evil with Brigand, Dirge and Warden. AAs won't be unlocked for 24 weeks from the Server Open, when KoS is released (...to my knowledge). No Mercs. It's straight Classic at this point.

I'm going with a 3 man that I could potentially group with a tank and still be effective (maybe more effective), and this is why I went with Brigand Scout. To solo difficult mobs, I have a stun rotation and just move behind the mob with the Brigand during stuns, to get off all my Rear/Flanking attacks.

I'd previous "Tanked" with Brigand, but it was with tanking AAs. Think this will be viable? It really does depend on AAs a lot, as the Warden is meant to be an AA-driven Melee on-hit healer along with his HoTs, so this might be bad until KoS comes out.

My other successful three man in Classic was SK, Necro, Defiler, but I got so bored. Target Encounter, press 2, then spam 3.

I think Dual-Boxing might actually be not allowed, but I don't care. I'll go till I'm banned and then on to the next game.


Also, if anyone wants to get into EQ2, I'll share my ISBoxer config. It's very generic and uses Virtual Hotkeys and Keymaps to allow you to easily add in a new Class-Type, configure their actions, and that's it. It's already configured for SK, Necro, Defiler, Brig, Warden and Dirge.