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    Default New Player Server Decision

    (So i accidentally posted this in general as i missed this section, you can delete that one sorry)

    Hi all, Just starting out in WoW and have some questions. I'm not at all new to multiboxing or MMO's but I am brand new to wow. I multiboxed for years in Anarchy Online with up to 8 accounts of mostly all different classes using hotkeynet. I am new to Isboxer but I'm sure i'll have no issues there. I never touched WoW because fantasy was never really my thing. Stuck to AO for the sci-fi element but the game is just too dead now and something new would be nice. Main thing for me though is that multiboxing is my favorite aspect of MMO gaming and i've checked out other MMO's for it and WoW definitely has the best support for it mechanics wise and seemingly tolerating it for the most part. Plus it seems relatively easy to make gold to pay for the accounts with a larger player base for a more fluid economy to sell things quickly. Should provide for lots of fun. May even end up 10 boxing some day.

    Anyway enough of my rambling. My question revolves around what is the best server to join that will meet all of my criteria (possible exception is faction balance depending on how much it matters).

    1A. MBing PVE, selling that loot and playing the market is mainly what i do with a little pvp occasionally so I'd like a server that's good for selling on the auction house.

    1B. I've read that i probably want to go for a medium pop server so there is enough liquidity but not so many that the prices are very low. Would everyone else agree? (Additionally I like farming outdoor mobs/uniques/rare drops or whatever they would be called in this game not just dungeons/instances).

    2. I'd also like it to be friendly to MBers in ways i may not have thought of yet. A server with some nice MBing guilds would be awesome for setting up some joint gameplay (as well as people who won't give me grief for MBing).

    3. I'll be playing alliance for the forseeable future but i'm not completely opposed to playing horde and eventually i'll want to see the rest of the game so perhaps a balanced server is best. Though since pvp is not high on my priority does it at all matter on the faction balance of a server besides pvp?

    I'm thinking I'll start off with just 1 account to get my feet wet and learn the game a bit and soon after i feel i've got the hang of it move to 5 boxing.

    Oh and I'm east coast USA.

    Thank you for reading,

    PS: I initially chose Dalaran as that seemed good but after more searching and looking closer at ream statistics and population sites that actually seems to be a rather high pop server. My options seem to be Lightbringer, Whisperwind, Quel'Thalas, Mal,Ganis, Emerald Dream. Though a couple of those favor horde (if that matters).

    I don't want to make the wrong decision here when i start building my teams. Probably a server thats been around awhile and isnt going anywhere/is thriving. Mature with some good multiboxing guilds. Though im afraid i might have to go pvp realms to get mature players with multiboxing guilds but im really not interested in being bothered while questing/farming. I like to choose when i pvp.

    PPS: Although the multiboxing guilds thing is not a requirement it would just be really nice. Mainly its the other things mentioned.
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    So I think i've narrowed it down to proudmoore or lightbringer based on my comparisons of prices on theunderminejournal. Proudmoore seems like a high pop server but carefully comparing prices the prices on various things it actually seems rather consistent and not bad. Seems like a server that might survive longer than lightbringer as well. Though i might find more peace with a bit smaller realm like lightbringer plus another guild here posted theyre there so thats cool.

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    tbh I think Lightbringer is a good server I made alot of gold from that server.

    Dalaran is a new server it says but the population is very high recently an eight boxer quit on that server I think he ran out on his subs and his views bought he a new game to play after that I havent seen him play since >.<

    I played back in the day Mal,Ganis which is a pvp server and back inthe day it was a very busy server these days it just seems dead ;(

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    Lightbringer is a pretty decent server, I multibox only on proudmoore and kind of wish i branched out more before i leveled so many teams, the AH is very unstable and i have been having a really hard time unloading stuff as of late :\ if one of your main goals is mass farming and selling i would recommend a med-med/high pop server over one of the largest. I've been looking into leveling teams on lower pop servers to take advantage of AH stability.

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