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    Default Inviting 2 team of 4

    I tried to google how to do this,I been searching for a guide on how to do it for isboxer but nothing

    i just upgrading from 5 to 8

    I do the normal set up in quick wizard, and 8 clients can come up but I can't get them to invite the two groups

    it's just seem to invite the 5 teams and nothing more.

    Of of course I want the two teams of 4 to help me farm easier.

    ( Inviting them separately seems a pain in the ass especially when they are on different servers I need to type /tell kojiinooob-darrowmere. Then I can whisper to him so I can invite cross realms )

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    By default isboxer will just invite the 5 first toons since that's when it his the max party members limitations and it does not auto-convert your party to a raid. Jamba has an option for auto-converting, if you're using it.

    For inviting your toons to 2 parties of 4 I think it's easiest to set up separate invite macros for both parties. I have mine set up do that Slot1 invites slots 2-5 and Slot1 invites 7-9. You can set it up full inside ISBoxer or with ingame macros bound to a key that you'll then make a mapped key for. Personally I prefer the first method of the 2

    Personally I've set up a single macro in ISBoxer that lets me set up questing groups easily and is not hardcoded to only work with specific toons. Mine looks like this:

    !if (character is"slot 1") /invite {SLOT3}
    !if (character is"slot 1") /invite {SLOT5}
    !if (character is"slot 1") /invite {SLOT6}
    !if (character is"slot 1") /invite {SLOT7}
    !if (character is"slot 2") /invite {SLOT4}
    !if (character is"slot 2") /invite {SLOT8}
    !if (character is"slot 2") /invite {SLOT9}
    Very simple really, just an !if argument to designate which slots will do the inviting (1 and 2) and then ISBoxer works it's magic and replaces {Slot#} with the correct names. The order might seem a bit random, but it's due to me swapping some toons around for dungeons and whatnot.

    The way you'd send this to your toons is through a Mapped Key with a Named World of Warcraft Macro Action.
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    i use jamba tag invite (because i made it)

    and that will invite both teams from your "master" or whoever your playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    i use jamba tag invite (because i made it)

    and that will invite both teams from your "master" or whoever your playing.

    thanks for the replies Ill follow the easier one from ebony point of view

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