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    Default Hotkeynet - PIP Over LAN

    Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty new to using hotkeynet. I came back to start playing on the new EQ1 server Agnarr, which has a "truebox" limitation on it, meaning you can only play 1 account per pc. What I'm wondering is.. can I set up HKN to use PIP for both game clients on a single PC?

    I'd like to be able to leave my cleric running on my laptop, but have a PIP window of his client show up on my desktop, which will be running my warrior. Ideally I'd like to be able to press a hotkey to toggle the two windows (warrior in PIP/cleric in main window, cleric in PIP/warrior in main window), and be able to control via mouse and keyboard whichever window is currently not in PIP. I'd also like to make it so that using the numbers on the keypad will send commands to whichever window is currently in PIP (so I'd have my warrior in the main window, responding to normal keyboard and mouse commands, and the numpad keys would go to the cleric window instead to use his hotkeys)

    If anyone knows if this PIP-over-LAN thing is possible please let me know, and if anyone that's good at whipping up hotkeynet scripts could help me out I'd be eternally grateful!

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    I don't think HKN, or any other multiboxing software suite for that matter, can do cross-computer PIP. I'm sure some elaborate workarounds could be found piping video streams over your LAN, but I honestly do not think it will be worth the trouble of figuring it out and setting it up.

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