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    Default [7.2.5] DeathMatch

    so there is a brew this week called 15v15 Death Match (team Play) its in arena so far follow is working there, like it does on all the arena maps.

    Have some fun make some videos!

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    hmm..might give it a shot!
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    I've done like 30 of them, so much fun. I'm so sad I'll never get to do a BG with my team now xD

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    Make video's
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    I had planned to record a ton of these during the event but missed my chance due to IRL stuff, I did manage to Get A clip and of course forgot to set up sound as i normally do. I had done about 5 or so of these on the lock team but it seems the alliance at least in my battlegroup are very uncoordinated and stand next to no chance against 90% of horde groups, That in pair with the large health scaling everyone up to 5-6million my chances to actually kill anyone was low, And of course being singled out instantly by a large number of players made it pretty hard lol. The druids stealth allowed me to get situated and open up when i wanted rather than be instantly rushed and roasted. I reeeally look forward to this event next time it's around and am going to gear my guardians specifically for it

    P.S Go for the squishies in the back

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    I would have made some but was at my wrong computer so didn't have the set up for it sorry, but damn I had a lot of fun in there :P
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