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    Default Anyone actively playing this atm?

    I just started playing a couple days ago. Dusted off some old accounts with like 12 year vet reward, and then made some new ones. Currently running a 6 box on Halls of Fate. Wanted a heavy, in your face PBAOE group. Went with the following group build.

    1) SK
    2) Zerker
    3) Zerker
    4) Defiler
    5) Dirge
    6) Necro

    Just hit level 30, and have been grinding out the old open world dungeons so far. Having a total blast. Going into dungeons completely blind, or with zero recollection of them from 2006 when I last played on Nagafen. Honestly haven't had this much fun boxing in years. I'm actually looking forward to possibly playing the TLE releasing this summer.

    Also, slots 1, 2 and 4 in my current team have free level 100 boosts, but I don't really want to boost my guys up to 100 and trivialize the leveling process, so I am trying to decide what to do with those free 100's.

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    Yeah I am also 6 boxing in Halls of Fate. doing free content and about to set up another 6 toons/accounts for a friend/ guild is either Darkskulls of hyrule or more currently on rrainbowdash and such within the guild Rain Dancers these days. hit me up if you ever want anything.

    rolling with
    a real good set up for boxing atm.
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    Hey guys!

    I am working on a 2 man team but I'd much rather prep a 6 man group to do heroics. Are the restrictions horrible? The biggest thing is having KA on all accounts. Considering, I would have to upgrade 4 accounts. I use isboxer to box lotro, diablo 3, and others. Is there any advice you can give me regarding 6 boxing. I have a 100 necromancer who is fairly well geared and an 89 warlock on acct 2 who is not quite as geared and a 20 something mystic on 3rd account.

    At any rate I hope I can pick your brains! I am also on halls of fate....oldest account is 13 years and played time is about 2/3 of that time.


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    ftp which is what i prefer due to the devs taking nearly a full year to fix each new expansion means that while i am not playing the the majority of people, I can play the expac 2 expacs behind free of charge and due to the awful economy I wouldnt be able to make a big splash even if i bought 6 expacs each year so i usually box with a friend that also 6 boxes to run heroics and raids etc of the most current ftp expacs which is currently AOM.

    Im always happy to share what i know of eq2.

    I am currently setting up a 6 man scout based group for a friend which i will do tonight. I usually use skype or discord to talk with a major lean to discord due to lower processor consumption for those special lagtacular zones.

    a discord i usually use which would make these replies and such better would be this one (no need to be able to speak or listen if you dont wish to or cannot)
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    hey guys, im going to set up isboxer later (likley today) for 6 boxing - any advice you can share? is the discord still running?
    5 boxing on Chamber of Aspects, EU (Horde) and Soon on Classic.

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