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    Default US-Lightbringer-Alliance

    SO i realized today that the guild some of us boxers play in on Lightbringer needs some more faces in it to make it a little more interactive.. we have a few regulars who are all friends and have i believe about 4 or 5 boxers, some serious some "off and on".

    If anyone would like to join a PVE guild that is boxer friendly and kinda small feel free to add me.

    Btag: Indonex#1522

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    I just reactivated my Wow account and am on lightbringer with no guild. I sent you a friend request FetteredApe#1115. Hope to see you!

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    Interested in a mature WoW noob? I'm in no way new to MMO's nor multiboxing in general. I multiboxed 8 accounts on Anarchy Online for years using hotkeynew as the game didn't support the required DX9 for isboxer. Definitely looking forward to all that wow and isboxer can do to make multiboxing all that much funner.

    I've only been playing for a couple weeks so pretty fresh. I'm only on 1 account for the moment but will be adding the other 4 accounts when I get the hang of the game more and learn how to make good gold. Multiboxing is the main thing I'll ultimately be doing but it'd be awesome to do some hard content coop with other MBers.

    But a smallish guild that's mature, friendly, MBer friendly yet open to a wow noob (but not MMO/MBing noob) is certainly what I'm looking for and would be helpful to get the hang of it before I add the other 4 accounts.

    If I understand this right my battletag is either Thorshammer or Thorshammer#1368 I will attempt to add you

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