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    Default 10v10 RBG against urself

    Hello there and greetz from Germany - Blackhand EU,

    here some information about my own exp i made and also a question:

    I build up a 20 man box team (15x unholy dk - 5 heal shaman).
    did some instance, world quests and other common stuff.

    I really would like to do more PvP but it isnt fun at all these days.
    I even have difficulties to join in the same bg, very long inv times etc.

    theres no 5v5 arena anymore and for Rated BG i really need follow function to have at least a lil bit fun.

    so my thinking now is to get at least a lil advantage of all my accounts to make Rated BG against myself to get some nice gear and rankings/titles.

    After some games it looks like i only got others teams as my opponent and not myself anymore.

    So is it just bad luck or does Bilzzard block it?

    Had a break for some years. Things were different.

    The actually gameplay doesent seem so good for us pvp multiboxers.

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    Queing against yourself counts as win trading. I.e. it is no allowed (no, it is not a grey area), and the rules of these forums would state that talk of such matters is prohibited on these boards.

    With that out of the way: Willkommen!

    PVP is indeed taken a hit in Legion for us... I doubt things will change all that much before the next expansion and for now we're stuck with try-harding 3s or attempting WPVP, which is hit and miss at best nowadays.
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    To be fair, it's actually profitable gear-wise to just queue into RBGs and lose You still gain honor and get boxes, gear, etc.
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