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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    How do you prevent yourself from turning it in? I've done this one before and it's nice when it spawns a felslate mob that you can loot for 10x felslate, but I had finished the quest in about 7 minutes.
    I'm not sure which WQ we're actually talking about, but if you have your team in raid, you can't see/loot quest items and/or the progress bar doesn't .. uh.. progress, but the mobs are still there. Unless it's a WQ that you can complete in a raid..

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    Hmm I didn't do anything special. Party not raid. They just kept spawning for me even after I hit the amount required.

    It was when I went to do the living felslate quest nearby and came back later that they weren't spawning. I assumed it was because I turned something in (I use a modified autogear that completes quests, so often I don't even notice what I just completed!) or because the timer ran out on it...

    I'll pay closer attention next time for sure.

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    This quest works in a raid the mobs hang around until the timmer on the wq goes i got a few k from them the other day. Kinda sucks in a raid as olny 5 will loot. And you can mine them for more felsteel.

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    Decided to run them as 5 x bear today in a Maw + 4 (sanguine). Only managed to 1 chest it though. Their damage is too low at my ilvl (860-870) and I decided to pull the fear + heal packs back just to be safe.

    If I'd had a different affix I think it would have gone way faster. With the bears I'm pulling multiple packs, stacking thrash, and moving on before they die, so I'll be kiting 1-2 packs when I pull the next. It's pretty different and fun. Really doesn't work well with Sanguine though because you end up dropping 20 mobs in the same place.

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    Couple screens from running RF yesterday as Resto Druid x 5. TLDR; It's OP.



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    I got 2 MAW + 3 in the chests this week and ran them both today. The first one as 5 bears and got a 2 chest. The second as a trinity of 1 bear, 3 boomkins, and 1 resto. Only got a one chest as the trinity.

    Maw+0 is diable as 4 boomies, but it's sketchy.

    I'm a little disappointed, but not too surprised. Looks like bear x 5 is the way to go. Unfortunately unless mechanics allow me to do large multi pulls (no fear / heal mobs), their damage really slows me down. I'm going to focus on gearing them as bears for mythics and resto as offspec for occasional raids / RF.

    As a tank team I feel like they're nearly as good as my pallies.

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