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    Default Getting Started - DPS Rotation Help Request


    I'm trying to get started up in LotRO, and have a question about skill rotations.

    I have boxed WoW on and off for years, so I have a good understanding of the process, and use the "Pro" setup.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how to build the skill rotations. It looks like there is a skill queue system, so the typical method of sending keys by priority doesn't seem to work. I've only tried configuring my guardian at this point, and half his abilities are reactive, so I'm curious if anyone can fill me in on how best to setup rotations.

    I see that there is a similar post below from luxlunae, but no answers for a mixed team setup. Thanks for your help!
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    LOTRO is a bit of a funny beast, and you really end up needing to use a rotation that includes timers. You cant just shove a whole lot of key presses and hope that one works like some other games.

    The worst part of that is that you need to setup a rotation on a best guess scenario for reactive skills, and some of the more important ones, like Kick you end up needing to just handle manually. Some reactive skills makes sense to cause a reset in a rotation, others don't. You do end up with a fairly complex configuration that is not 100% accurate in always utilising every skill in the best scenarios, but with some planning, you can make sure it always does something.

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    I found an interesting plugin called SkilllTimer (, which I think might hold some promise here. If I'm reading it right, you can compute the activation time per skill, and use that as the step timer in ISBoxer for the given skill. I'm hoping that this can be used to set a rotation that is as efficient as possible, although it may change if you change weapons.

    I'm also going to try out SequenceBars ( to see how that deals with skill timers, but I'm less hopeful that this approach will work. It could allow you to set rotations in game, however, which may have some value.

    For those just starting out like me, it appears that the plugin Combat Analysis ( can be used as a DPS meter, but may only work on one character (not entire fellowship).
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