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    Default Icon Team - 5 Pallie (1 Prot, 4 Ret)

    Here's a Maw+2 3 chest. 10:23 was my time. This is my faster group ATM, but I'm pretty sure my hunter group will dethrone them soon.


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    Wonderful work.

    I've been trying to decide my next team, it seems we have many viable options for mythics now.

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    The ret DPS is quite good compared to prot. I prefer a single target spec on them right now. You drop your focused mob ridiculously fast and still do a lot of AoE damage while you're at it. As 5 x prot I was dropping all of the trash around the same time, which was fine because you can handle the extra damage, but if there's one mob that has a mechanic (like fear) in the group, they'll die within the initial avenger's shield silence w/ 4 rets.

    I prefer ranged for fun factor though, and hunters are just so strong like they are made for boxing. So if you don't have a hunter team yet, that would be my top recommendation (all 5 or 4 + 1 heal). Managing movement for those gtfo of the fire mechanics is just so much easier when you're ranged.

    Boomies are also kind of fun, but in a weird way. You always end up in melee regardless, and the treants, while very handy, aren't consistent in taking aggro off you. They lack the hunter burst, so you take a beating, and they can't move out of mechanics as well (stellar drift minimizes this problem though). Once they're geared I'm going to try and drop the resto for a 5th boomie and see if I can keep up with the damage just using their crap boomy heals. I don't think they'll ever be able to handle +15s though.

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    I am curious how you survived, I did try 4 frost, but i am guessing its more healing available.
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    Word of Glory is OP for a 5 boxer . Also Kings, Shield of Vengeance, HoP from tank, and even FoL if you get in trouble... then there's your bubbles and LoH. I mean pally survivability and utility is ridiculous.

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    I really enjoyed the Retx4 and 1 Prot, until they changed Kings in a patch maybe 2 months ago? It was much strongers since you could cast 3 of them, I was able to have 4 sets of kings on my tank, and 2 on each Ret. This was a massive absorb that took out all of the dot damage or random splash damage and made the grind much smoother.
    What is your Ilvl? I also ran into an issue where I couldn't seem to get the Ret DPS up high enough to my liking.
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    Yes the multi-kings was pretty broken IMO. I don't use ret for progression, just for 3 chesting. They definitely are not nearly as durable as 5 prots, and can be a pita if you take a lot of AoE damage.

    I'm around 870+ ilvl on them. My leader (prot) is a bit higher. They're falling behind since 7.1.5 as I've been messing with my hunters and boomies mostly.

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    Here's a BHR+2 3 chested. They are a pretty fun comp. Far more enjoyable than 5 x Prot IMO, and pretty great survivability thanks to dropping entire pulls during Blinding Light stuns (crazy OP).


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    Are you still running the druids or hunters more and is your hunter team still hunters and 1 shaman?

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    Yes, I'm running all 3, but mostly focusing on the hunters + shammy. The druids are my gathering team (herb and mine) to pay for the subs. The pallies were my first team so I play them for the weekly cache and if there's an event (also might do 5 holy in raid finder).

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