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    Default Members and Team List


    I'm trying to get an idea of how many members we have interested in attending events and their available teams so I can see what events are feasible. If you could, please respond with each team you have on an event realm*, it's level, how many characters, composition, and realm for the teams you'd attend events on (low or high, geared or not). Any general preferences would also be helpful like if you want PvP or PvE events, cooperative or competitive, or things that involve inflicting pain on gnomes and goblins.

    The event realms* are as follows:
    US - Sargeras - Alliance - PvP
    US - Bleeding Hollow - Horde - PvP
    EU - Chamber of Aspects - Horde - PvE

    You do not need to be in the <Multiboxer> guild on these realms, just be on the realm* and able to communicate with us.

    * Some events may be cross realm depending on content and grouping.

    - Souca
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    US - Bleeding Hollow - Horde - PvP

    5x Hunters

    Interested in getting some Night Hold PVE action going on normal or higher but always open to PVP of any kind. Also super interested in sicking my pets on any resident gnome and or goblin. New chew toys always make them happy.

    Character names are in the sig or add me via B-Tag Void#1618

    Also have a paladin team and warlock team. Not nearly as geared as the hunters though.
    5x Hunter-Avoïd, Avoîd, Avoìd, Avôid, Avöid--Bleeding Hollow server
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    US - Bleeding Hollow - Horde

    5 Pali tanks 880-885 iLevel

    I prefer PvE and wouldn't mind doing some raiding. I only WPvP when I have to and no interest in stepping foot in any instanced PvP.

    Communication will be an issue though, I cant use voice chat only text.

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    eu chamber of aspects
    pally dk team. hunterteam
    pve stuff. would be fun try real wpvp

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    H Bleeding Hollow US

    5x 90 druids, just making Jard's atm but would come to an event.

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    H Draenor EU

    5x Hunter
    5x Paladin Protection
    10x Druid Balance

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    H Chamber of Aspects EU: 1x Prot/Ret Pally, 5x Frost DK, 3x MW Monk.

    I'm interested in both PVE and PVP events, casual, try-hard, competitive and cooperative all work for me, although having an erratic schedule, I can't really predict with certainty when I will be able to attend.

    Additionally I have loads of toons in the 60-100 range both on CoA and on other realms and I'm not opposed to rolling something completely new if there is good enough reason to do so.

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    EU - H Outland/CoA

    6 hunters 2 MW monks 2 disc priests

    PvE, LFR, Pve,

    with my illness and work am not sure what days/weeks i can do... weekends i normally work.

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    EU - H - CoA/SWC

    Just started RaF, will update once everything's done and I've decided on teams.

    PvE is what I'm after, but an erratic work schedule makes organisation difficult. Hopefully can get some raiding going once I hit max level

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    H - Bleeding Hollow - 5 Hunters - 875 ilvl, also have 5 Paladins but only 845 ilvl. On the same route as Void.
    FFXIV - Aether - Sargatanas
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