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    H - Magtherdon -

    Have hunters, I lvl ranging from 850 to 892.

    might be able to bring some guildies, ( healers etc) can offer some insight into how the raids work/raid lead.

    Not available on Mondays, or tuesdays.
    Multiboxing since WoW:BC - MY YOUTUBE!

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    A- Lightbringer {1 Priest 4x DH 875ilvl } and {5x Pally 835ilvl}

    Not on the main servers.. but if we do cross realm events and it works with my work schedule i will try to be there.

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    Horde Chamber of Aspects EU

    Im a newbie so I will start with 2 accounts, hunters.

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    H - Kil'Jeaden
    1MW/7 Blood DK ilvl 868-887
    8x Druid guardian lvl 830-850
    8x Hunters BM - ilvl 800-850
    8x Demon Hunter Ven - leveling in progress
    5x Prot Paladin - low gear

    A - Sargeras
    8xdruid guardian - leveling in progress
    1MW/7 Blood DK - leveling in progress

    PvP but I'm down for anything. Dominicano#1512
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    EU - Outland-Horde 1x HPally and 4x Blood DK all around 865 ilvl.

    Up for anything, main play at the moment is wPvP and procrastinating from gearing up!

    Please feel free to add DanP#2725 - very lonely on Outland these days!

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    I have 3 teams on EU - CoA Horde at the moment,

    1. 1 priest, 2 warlocks
    2. 3 druids (usually 1 tank, two balance, sometimes 3 balance or 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 balance, or 1 healer, 2 tanks, or... you get the point)
    3. 3deathknights

    I have Legion on only one account, so I wont be able to level to 110 with all accounts.
    I never do any raids, as I have problems paying attention to it a long time, but I would like attend to some fun events or world pvp.
    I have a level 110 druid on EU - Blackmoore, and actually littered teams and chars all over my account on several realms if needed. Not well geared though.
    Suppose I better not tell about my guild of gnomes since:
    "....inflicting pain on gnomes and goblins..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildflower View Post
    Suppose I better not tell about my guild of gnomes since:
    "....inflicting pain on gnomes and goblins..."
    No, no. I think it's essential you provide more details about the victims... err, I mean, gnomes. Where might they live? Are they afraid of spiders? Or quiche, perhaps? Any allergies we should know about? What size gnome trap do they fit in?

    - Souca Does *NOT* Have a Signed Copy of "The Joy of Cooking Gnomes"
    This space for rent.

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    H - Lothar (US)

    - 5 x Paladin. 860-880. All trees nearly 35 traits as I like to mess around with my comp constantly.
    - 5 x Druids. 860-870. Haven't decided how I'm rolling with these guys yet, might actually settle on trinity (resto, 3 boomy, bear).
    - 4 x Hunters + 1 x Shaman. Very fun group. Sometimes I sub in a pally or a druid for the healing slot.

    Happy to raid NH Normal+ or even EN for fun. Tue and Thu are my raid nights, but I'm around most other nights (and often during the day, but that could change).


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    I'm Horde on Nagrand EU. Lancer#2243.

    5 Hunters.
    5 Pallies.
    Leveling 5 Druids.

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    I'm on Alliance - Twisting Neither. CrazyMage#123765.

    - 4 Disc priests
    - 5 DH havoc

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