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    Default Incursions or Wormhole space

    I have been playing eve for a while now and have 5 accounts. Eve with the multiple accounts, I have never really multi-boxed. I'm determined to get into it though and even thinking about going up to 10 accounts. I'm a little stuck on what to do though.

    Vanguards - Multiboxing vanguards seems highly profitable with little risk. Was either thinking VNI or Domi fleet with two lokis for webs and boost.

    I also currently live in a C1 wormhole and do industry - I could mine belts when they're available and turn around and use that ore in my manufacturing. With multiple accounts logistics is a non-issue. Then I can run connecting C3-C5 wormholes for some dank isk when I have good connections. There is also opportunity to set up multiple PI accounts.

    Anyone what to share their experience with multi-boxing in wormholes and/or incursions?

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    I think I'm going to do incursions. Going to get my other five accounts plexed and start training for domi. I'm hoping I will be able to start running sites with 1 loki (webber and painter), 1 Nestor (logi and hacker), 2 T1 logi and the rest sentry domis. I should be able to skill into that set up by the end of the month. 10 accounts isn't cheap so I want to start running sites soon.

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    With the rorqual changes id say that nullsec is the best place to make isk now. That and super ratting.
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    I'm not doing this just for the isk. I think it will also be enjoyable. I'm not a fan of mining. Wouldn't mind some input on fleet composition. I'm can't decide if I should go sentry domi or autocannon machs. Domis are cheaper but I'm worried about tracking but there are a few videos on youtube showing that they work.

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    Drones are the easiest weapon system to multibox because you can just assist drones. If you're worried about tracking that much you could work in a loki and assist the drones to him
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    Heavies can be used without any DDD if you use a painter on one of the Domis. If you're going armor and want a dedicated DDD, an armor Loki with webs, and your OGB with a painter will be sufficient. If you're going shields, a Rapier/Loki and an OGB will be fine.
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    *WARNING* Everything below is based on how the game was when I quit over a year ago. I'm not aware of what has changed so obviously my data could no longer be valid. Do let me know if changes have occurred.

    Heavies on their own are no where near as effective as garde IIs with a dedicated DDD.

    I did a LOT of drone damage testing always looking for that slight increase in killing speed. I tried t2 heavies on some of the Domis and the results were pretty awful. Even with nav computers and stuff the drones took forever to get to the target and ALWAYS missed the first shot and usually the second shot. Then they would settle into an egg shaped orbit as they switched on and off the MWD which utterly screwed the effective tracking. Geckos were a bit better but they still lagged behind the gardes on everything. Keep in mind I was using the heavy t2 drones WITH a dedicated DDD for them. So results are even worse without the two webs and two TPs.

    The best drone setup for the nestors turned out to be two geckos and three t2 hobgoblins.

    Last video I published before quitting.
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    Thanks for the input I'm going to have to just start running them and testing stuff out. Got about a month of training left. Drones do seem like the way to go. I'm assuming its better to have two DDD to split your dps as all those drones on one DDD would be overkill right?

    Some question for your Tool of Society.
    1) so you did not use grades with your nestors?
    2) How did you run ore and hack? Can the nestors do this?
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    So this is what I am currently thinking;

    2 lokis (DDD and boost) one information and the other skirmish
    2 nestors (reps ofc)
    1 proteus ( armor boost) also my hacker and ore runner. He has a tractor beam, the plan is to have the domis jettison the ore and he will tractor beam it.
    6 Domi (T2 Sentry)

    Questions - Will I benefit from 2 DDDs? Or should I drop the second loki for another Domi? I only need one skirmish link. So I can just run 2 information and 1 skirmish on one loki.

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    1. I got the best performance with 2 geckos and 3 t2 hobgoblins. I tried 5x heavy IIs 5x garde IIs and various mixes of mediums and lights. Medium drones got targeted a lot and needed near constant replacement. I lost some heavy and light drones but I never lost a gecko.

    2. I used a prospect to hack and run ore (2x t2 data analyzers 1x t2 memetic algorithm rig and a deadspace AB for about 1300 m/s speed) Hacking had a minor effect on my OTA times and I only started doing it because I wanted to push my ticks under 6 minutes and at that point even 10 seconds mattered.

    The Nestors were setup with
    2x t2 large remote repair augment
    1x t2 hyperspacial velocity optimizer

    5x t2 large armor rep
    1x t2 drone link augmentor
    1x t2 auto targeting system

    5x t2 cap recharger
    1x t2 omnidirectional tracking link (tracking speed script used)

    1x imperial navy EANM
    1x t2 DCU
    1x t2 1600mm steal plate
    2x t2 drone damage amplifier
    1x t2 capactior power relay

    2x gecko
    3x t2 hobgoblin

    I ran a loki as my primary ddd with 5 domis assigned to it. A puslemare (scorch/mulitifreq) was the DDD for one domi and the two nestors. My boosts were off grid via an astarte with all 3 armor command boosts. I ran interdiction maneuvers and evasive maneuvers too. I would have to bring it on grid now but that's not an issue as had a huge +240k ehp tank for dealing with gankers. It got hit a few times and I remember one of the hits involved 10 goon/code t2 catas and it still survived. Having said that I would have to re-evaluate how I boosted my fleet because bringing a ship in just to sit there and do no damage seems kind of a waste.

    The primary ddd would start with the frigates and work up. The secondary DDD would take a shot at one of the niarjas then move to the cruisers. Two DDDs helped NCO times a lot as there are tons of targets and the garde volley is overkill for one frigate. OTAs won't see much of a difference as most of the time is spent on large ships with lots of EHP. NMCs saw a boost in times but not as much as NCOs.

    I look forward to seeing your results as the game has changed some since I last played.
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