Welcome to Dual-Boxing.com Community Events!

Some of you may have noticed our recent #MultiboxingBootcamp events we have held for World of Warcraft players and we wanted you to know those were just the beginning! Going forward we will be planing and holding additional events geared toward existing boxers that are social in nature and on three different realms. These realms are Sargeras US - Alliance PvP, Bleeding Hollow US - Horde PvP, and Chamber of Aspects EU - Horde PvE. All three have a guild named <Multiboxer> that are run by admins from the forum. If you want an invite, you can PM me or you can say something on IRC.

What sort of events will you be running?
Well, I know this sounds like a non-answer, but it really depends on you. With the exception of bootcamps, these events are all designed for existing teams and to be fun for you. What gets planned for a PvP realm might not make sense on a PvE realm or the opposite. Members on one realm might be into something that less popular on another realm. The only thing that will be constant of all events is that they are going to be something that people want to do. So we need to know what you want to do, or at least what you think you want to do. We can come up with specifics from there.

How will you know what we want to do?
Two ways. I'll ask and/or I'll suggest things and see how people respond. The big thing is that you respond. Some ideas that I have initially would be world quests/bosses, current raid content, world pvp, raid achievements old and new, and follow trains through Dalaran. So any suggestions are very welcome.

How often are these things gonna happen?
How often they happen will heavily depend on participation. No realm will be ignored, but it just doesn't make sense to plan the same number of events for a realm where no one shows up as a realm where everyone does.

I'm not on that realm, are you expecting me to transfer?
Not unless you want to. Not asking you to start new accounts and RaF either. Not even asking you to level a new team there. If you just want to make a level 1 and troll gchat, we're fine with that. Just don't expect to participate in events beyond the #MultiboxingBootcamp. If you do want to level a new team, we are going to try to have some lower level events that leveling teams can participate in as well. And ping Souca, I might have goodies and other helpful things for your leveling.

How do I know what events are coming up?
There will be a sticky post at the top of this forum listing upcoming events as well as previous ones. There will also be a post specific to each event, with additional details, for users to post in before and after the event.

Why should I care?
You might not have a reason, but some of us will. Dual-boxing.com is more than just a website; it's a community. We may not have huge numbers, but since I joined I've always marveled at how tight knit this group is. These events are a way for us to give back to the members and make the community even stronger. It gives people another reason to feel like they belong and it gives a reason for new members to stay and get to know people. And we hope it's gonna be fun as hell!

I play other games. What about me?
You haven't been forgotten, but we just don't see it being feasible to hold events in other games yet. YET. Let us know what you are playing and we'll check it out. The game should have enough players and make events possible. While EvE has a large number of players, and a single realm, it might not be easy to hold events for players outside of nullsec. And then there are the logistics of travel. EvE is HUGE! It's just not possible for people to get to a common location with the ships they are used to playing. If someone figures out how to make it work, it will definitely get considered. Another thing is we need to judge interest. If no one shows up for the WoW events, which would be very disappointing, then games with lower number of players are a bigger risk.

You didn't answer my question. Why not?
Sorry, ask me and I'll gladly answer it for you, and maybe put it up here as well. Even though I'm psychic, I think it's polite to only answer the questions people actually ask.

I hope this gives everyone an idea about the new community events. A lot of new info will be showing up shortly and I ask that you take the time to read it and comment with your thoughts, suggestions and questions. Hearing from you is really important. We can only guess what people wamt to a certain degree. If you let us know what you want, chances are that we'll be able to make it happen. Just post, PM, or poke in IRC.

- Souca, Event Coordinator