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    Default The state of Legion CRZ/sharding for Sargeras and Bleeding Hollow?

    I mentioned in a different post about Sargeras, that I had transferred some characters to Sargeras Alliance towards the end of WoD expansion when I had five accounts active. Since Legion was released, I've only had two accounts active and haven't played any Sargeras toons yet.

    I've read that Sargeras Alliance are seeing mostly Horde everywhere for 100-110 since Illidan, Bleeding Hollow, and Mal'ganis are part of the Sargeras CRZ. My main PVP server Korgath, has been Alliance dominated for a few years now, but it is Horde dominated from CRZ in 100-110 zones. With my two accounts and my odd habit of having members of my teams across different servers and server types, I've been able to level up my PVE/Korgath PVP teams phased to PVE. The boot camp event made me want to bring back my team of five, so at least a couple of my teams based on the numbers will be stuck on Sargeras and unable to phase to PVE. I'm also considering making some Horde on Bleeding Hollow since we seem to have other boxing members there.

    I've also read on the forums that even though Horde are dominating CRZ, Korgath Horde don't always seem to be play with Horde--they are sometimes "sharded" with mainly Alliance. I'm not sure if there's a certain time frame affecting them or if it was a temporary thing early in Legion.

    Some questions..

    For Sargeras Alliance:
    How bearable is it being so outnumbered for 100-110, like is leveling and doing world quests constantly interrupted because you're being attacked or constantly ganked?
    Have you noticed if there's a certain time frame when CRZ or "sharding" doesn't affect you and you aren't outnumbered by horde?

    For Bleeding Hollow Horde:
    Is it pretty much happy go lucky without being outnumbered/swarmed by Alliance in the 100-110 zones?

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    Okay, so I am not the expert on Sargeras by any means. That said, i will share what I have observed leveling from 1 - 102 in the past 10 days or so. First, there seem to be a good number of Horde in every quest area from 15 to 99. Most of them are 110s looking to lockdown quest hubs or nuke lowbies questing. As you get higher, the number of 110s dwindle, but up until 80 horde within the zone level range start to get confident and will group up to gank people. If you kill them, they get a 110 to come and camp you. Especially if they start it and lose. 81 to 99, I saw fewer horde, as most of the 110s were not around or just flying by. The horde also stopped messing with you and it seemed they wanted to just level and pvp was just going to waste their time too. Of all the horde up to this point I don't remember one that wasn't CRZ. Spy doesn't list anything on my KoS being local either.

    Once I got to Legion, things changed. I think I have seen less than 10 horde total over maybe 8 hours of playtime. None of those have been CRZ. Two have been a pain in the ass, but maybe 15 minutes of hassle and both times they just saw a chance to get a gank and didn't camp.

    Now this was just what I have seen on this one team. They have 4 days and 16 hours played, but I'm sure a big chunk of AFK is there as I write forum posts and such from Ironforge. While I did get really pissed off at times, it was a really mild leveling experience from a PvP perspective.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MickiClone View Post
    For Bleeding Hollow Horde:
    Is it pretty much happy go lucky without being outnumbered/swarmed by Alliance in the 100-110 zones?
    Horde vastly outnumbers alliance in all things on Bleeding Hollow, including CRZ. It is just crazy ridiculous unbalanced.

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    I play on Illidan on Alliance, which is analogous to Sargeras Alliance, and lemme' tell ya'... It's miserable to level haha. You'll get camped everywhere you go, and until you get to 109 it's unlikely you'll be able to kill a single 110.
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    Thanks everyone for the info. I've been questing in Azsuna on Sargeras Alliance and so far haven't seen any CRZ happening. The couple horde I've seen were from Sargeras.

    Mosg2, how long have you been on Illidan? I know of a couple other boxers on Illidan Alliance, but I don't think they've been active in Legion.

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    I've been on Illidan since maybe July or August of 2016. I was on Sargeras Horde before that.
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    On the flip side, being on Bleeding Hollow - Horde. I am quite annoyed at how many horde there are. Part of the benefit of being a multiboxer is typically any group of players you can usually take on as you are coordinated focused DPS. Mining and Herbing all I run into are actual bots of the same faction, and would love nothing more than to just take these all out. As well there is very little World PvP. I have thought about moving to Alliance but I came back to play with friends and will stay that way.

    So if you enjoy world PvP and want lots of it I'd suggest to grin and bear it as it will be plentiful in the end.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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