I currently am trying to determine the best course of action for the setup i currently use. This is a Truebox setup no isboxer or anything else is assisting me. I run USB Numpads to the other laptosp/machines im using

Setup: http://imgur.com/a/DJfA2

My current setup is:
Enc Clr Mag Nec Bst Dru

The character pool i have to work with is:
Enc61 Clr60 Mag60 Nec60 Bst60 Dru61 Bard60 Mag45

Lining up attack manually for the Beastlord is rough sometimes and sometimes i cant get his melee on target all the time, because i pilot from the enchanter since it easier to mez/maintain mez and charm pets.

I was leveling a 2nd Mage to replace the beastlord for above reasons, and its easier to send a pet in and cast spells then it is to send a pet it and move around a 3rd character on another screen sometimes.

I ran into another boxer who was doing a Enc/Clr/Mag/2Necro/Bard Setup which seemed pretty good, so i was potentially looking at my overall group being Enc/Clr/2xMag/Nec/Bard. I just dont know 100% if adding the leveling Mag+Bard in place for Bst+Druid.

Would there be any benefit for me to drop a beastlord+Druid for the 2nd Mag+bard? The Mage benefit over beastlord is more of a quality of life change to make it easier to dps. the Bard for a Druid is the one im having a harder time justifying.