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    Default Upcoming Necromancer Class

    Just thought I'd share this for anyone looking forward to the Necromancer.

    Earlier today, Blizzard hosted a Facebook Q&A with three members of the Diablo 3 team: Lead FX Artist Julian Love, Community Manager Brandy Camel, and Sr. Game Designer Travis Day. This Q&A focused on the Necromancer, the upcoming class that was announced at BlizzCon last year. While the Q&A didn't include any information about the Necromancer launch date or pricing, the team did discuss many gameplay elements such as curses, sets, and more.

    • The Diablo 2 Necromancer was used as a base for the Diablo 3 Necromancer.
    • Though a massive undertaking, Revive is returning.
    • The Necromancer is darker than the Witch Doctor, with a focus on blood and bone.
    • Also different from the Witch Doctor, pets are more controllable to some degree.
    • A new corpse mechanic has been invented for the Necromancer to use.
    • Aspects from the Poison skill tree from Diablo 2 are not planned to be implemented, as that would encroach on the Witch Doctor.
    • A lot of Necromancer skills are up close and personal.
    • There are no plans to bring Iron Maiden forward to the Diablo 3 Necromancer.
    • There is no defined number yet (and no plans to set a number) for Necromancer summons. It's more of a server performance concern than a client concern.
    • Necromancers can wield any weapon that is not class specific.
    • They will have their own class weapon: scythes.
    • Necromancers will have golems, and they're working on a new golem type.
    • 4 to 5 types of golems are planned.
    • Damage can come from both the Necromancer and the Necromancer's pets.
    • There will be two-handed scythes.
    • There will be a variety of Necromancer pets - some permanent and some temporary. Skeletal archers and mages will be making an appearance.
    • The Necromancer currently has no DoT spells.
    • Current spells are nukes, pets, and utilities. This separates the Necromancer from the DoT-heavy Witch Doctor.
    • There are no plans for a special Necromancer form.
    • There are no designs for a support-specific Necromancer.
    • Necromancers will release to PC and consoles at the same time.
    • There will be curses. Lots of curses.
    • The lore for the Diablo 2 Necromancer is different from the Diablo 3 Necromancer.
    • There will be no pet command interface different from the standard UI.
    • It's believed that you'll need RoS to have the Necromancer, as it's a standalone pack.
    • Necromancer will have four dungeon sets - one for each dungeon.
    • A lot of Necromancer blood skills will cost health along with essence, so there are a lot of mechanics built in to recoup health.
    • It's unknown if Lidless Wall will become a Necromancer item.
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    Only 2 days and i Buy this patch, I Can no wait
    i must sell old stuff and buy new legendaries, What site do you recommend? When I buy or sell legendaries (or power leveling) to Diablo 3, I use, maybe more informations about Necromancer?
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    I'm loving the Necro. So glad they brought it back. It was my favorite in D2.

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    Been playing lately and Necros are very good for multiboxing. Singularity Mages + Land of the Dead (round robin) + Devour Cannibalize = OP. You can almost permafreeze the whole screen and have max DPS mages up all time. Just need Rathma's, the 2 rings and reapers wraps.

    Sadly the game is almost unplayable because of FPS drops. Seems like my rig is not good enough for D3, at least for Necros. Here's what I see when I'm hanging out in Act1 town, with 10 mages on each account (4x):

    It's pretty clear my CPU is the bottleneck here ... I'm at 100% all the time, so during action, I can drop really low which causes dsyncs and deads. In the past my the game felt smooth but now a days, it's choppy and difficult to play. Necros are the worse no matter what video settings I choose. 32bits client is worse than 64bits.

    Anyone tried Ryzen 7 for multiboxing? I'm very interesed in the 1700X.
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    Running a 4790K OC myself and it's running fine for me even though I tend to watch a stream + record it at the same time. Anyways the Ryzen 7 should be way better for multiboxing though but a high end i7 has no issues at all with Diablo since it's just 4 mostly single threaded instances.

    Anyways concerning Necros I didn't really have too much time to multibox them since I went ham on my last 1,5 weeks of vacation grabbing a rank 1 in each EU leaderboard at some points. I did however get some multiboxing done and I've done stuff like this:

    GR 90 with 4 necros using simalcrum rathma slow moving + cycling LotD across them for a long duration of krysbins damage and CC.

    GR 75s with 4 necros using in-geom mages rathma with the bone armor weapon for faster runs that take around 3-4minutes at most, cycling LotD again for infinite as long as I can kill 2 elites every 40 seconds.

    And here's the real thing, I've been doing a 3 support build (mage, barb, monk) together with my main as the Rathma dps using double curses and I've done a 108 with pretty good time. Was on the leaderboard several times with my multiboxing ranging from 400-900 spots in EU, sadly they've probably dropped off by now. 100 is basically a face roll with the build at this point since my gear is pretty good.

    EDIT: nevermind my guys are still on the leaderboard in Europe, just grabbed this snipp as some quick proof , they'll probably drop off by next weekend. I did try some 110s but I need a good rift to do that. My main has done a bit higher in 4 man so that account is sadly not in the same group on the leaderboard.
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    Still wonder if i should buy that Nerco expansion. Played a lot after D3 release, but last 2 years i was mainly focused on Wow. Hmmm Can i buy it with token?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasagi View Post
    Can i buy it with token?
    If it's available in the Blizzard store, then you can buy it with Blizzard Balance.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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    I am running a duo of Necro's - but only gearing up my second Necro now.

    Enjoying them while boxing. But it's been awhile since I have played D3, and even longer since I have boxed. So bit of a learning curve to get around.

    What spec does everyone reckon to go? Rathma's since its the free set?

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