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Thread: Season 9 rant

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    Default Season 9 rant

    TLDR Demon Hunters are still your best bet. Most efficient and faster than any class to get your stash tab (assuming u dont have all of them already)

    Witch Doctors
    • Helltooth: I'm currently playing S9 for kicks (already have all my stash tabs) and wanted to try something different since I've been using DHs for the past 2-3 seasons. Went with Witch Doctors since the buff to Arachyr looked promising. WRONG! Yes, Arachyr is nice and even HT and Jade are good, but for solo and group play ... multiboxing WDs SUCKS ASS. Yes, I said it. Helltooth is garbage because the best HT build, HT Garg relies on the stupid garg AI. Years of ppl complaining about pets AI and Blizzard just doesnt give a #$%@#$ about it. If 3 gargs are dumb, 12 are 4 times dumber. It just doesn't work and u are squishy as hell cause u cant add dogs ... if u do, its WORSE cause they block Gargs. GR70 is such a pain in the butt!
    • Zunimasa: don't even try it. Worse set EVER. Carnevil sucks the most. They didnt fix the hitboxes so u dont hit @#$#@. And if Gargs are retarded, dont expect much from fetishes.
    • Jade: Extremely squishy, mediocre damage and so vulnerable to all CC effects. Prepare for knockback and fear nightmares. U have no line of defense and u are so damn close to packs u get dsync very easy and destroyed.
    • Arachyr: the "OP" set. Great damage, ok surviability ... but for solo/group. Multiboxing is VERY BAD. Again, u need to get close and that makes u very vulnerable to CC. Not to mention u rely 100% on Soul Harvester + Lakumba's bracers ... u CANT play without that combo. Extremely squishy without them. GR70 is faster than with HT but expect at least a couple full team wipes per GR. If u forget to keep up your hex buff, u die ... if u dont have your SH stacks, u die ... if u dont cast your LS + Haunt, u die.
    • Any type of chicken build: good for T10 or whatever, not gonna work on higher difficulties without full team wipes. In general the class sucks for multiboxing. It will take u forever to get strong and be able to do 80+. The lack of a inmmunity spell like Archon, Vengeance, Wrath of the Berserker, etc. makes it the worse class to multibox.
    • Need to try LoN walker as a chill T13 build which should work but that's about it.

    • My second class since WDs didn't work. Manald Heal ring is amazing but relying on Zodiac ring makes it difficult to keep all wizards the same. I'm gonna try a ranged build which im sure it will work cause the MH proc damage is retarded. Even non Archon builds based on Electrocute or Arcane Torrent should be 10 times better than WD.

    • Nice for T13, thats ALL. Beyond that, they suck.

    • Was interested until they nerfed the hammers build to the ground. I'm not gonna bother with LoN bomb.

    • Even stronger than before. The buffed Marauder set those very good at 70. By far the most efficient farming class. U can easily finish the season journey in less than 2 weeks of casual play. Sticking to WDs and Wizards, but I'm so regretting going with WDs.

    • Dont even bother. Epiphany is almost a must for every build and its a dsync nightmare.

    That's it ... my rant about S9. I wont even bother with the meta.
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    Wizards are a joke as well, EASILY capable of doing gr 80 with minimal gear, no augments etc. Doing 3-5 min GR 80s on my wizards.
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    MH ranged build or MH VyrRasha? Yes, u can "1 shot" elites with wizards now, even RGs.
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    For speed runs you really need to have teleport on no CD. So using the deathwish build isn't really that great. Archon really reigns supreme, its also a bit tankier and deals with physical projectiles better. Especially in maps with sparse density.

    To your point of archon... because your options are starfire/ingeom OR picsticker/starfire (cube second item) and how easy CDR is to get on gear it is very easy to maintain archon, especially if you are stunning with blizzard between things to make sure your AT:SD is actually hitting the pack properly.
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    I rather try a non Archon build for multibox. Relying on Zodiac and teleport is a formula for perma dsync. Unless I keep an eye on Archon cooldown with videofx for each char. I know, Archon is a LOT of damage to pass on... done GR90 solo already, but hate constant dsyncs.

    Not to mention there are 0 synergies with 4 Archon wizards. It's just raw DPS that melts everything fast. I'll give electrocute and AT shot and try with AW for mobility. Even "ManRasha" looks fun for gem leveling.

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    If you have 60+% cdr on each character and are running gogok + ingeom setup theres no problems. I do speed 90s with a monk friend @ 7 mins or so per rift. The only time you desync is if one dies and the others don't, so i just either kill off all 3 or finish the pack with just 2.

    I also play 2x character in groups with starfire/pig sticker and have no problems.
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    Thats a different story Sure I could do the same fairly easy. I'm talking about 4x Archon wizards not 2 or 3 + a friend supporting and gathering all mobs nice and tight so u can proc that Zodiac with AT safely and get back on Archon in just a 1 sec

    60% CDR means 17 secs of LONG cooldown. Max Gogok stacks will get up to 68% CDR, 11 secs of cooldown. The rest needs to come from Zodiac. Without a monk to help and shit that knocks u back, jumps at u, etc. and 4 chars, its a completely different game. U will end up popping Archon way before on some wizards and if u by mistake teleport, then dsync madness starts.

    Sure Ingeom can help, but again, thats pretty random aswell. 2x chars with support makes a lot of sense, not 4x without any kind of support relying 100% on Zodiac procs.

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    I've done gr 90 without a support playing 3x wizards and did 85 with 6 mins to spare without augments (now using 80-85 augments on all toons). Theres really no difference between 1,2,3 or 4 wizards in playstyle as you should be teleporting all the time unless you are at an elite and then all you are doing is teleporting as soon as something frozen/arcane/desecrator and sometimes skip juggernaut depending on mob type. Because the class is proc dependent you actually get far more damage playing multiple then you would a single, with their absurd damage as is its really easily to just blow up elites. The only things you really have to watch out for is rifts with archers/spear throwers or lots of leapers if you aren't able to stay in archon.

    Zodiac procs are consistent if you are playing the right setup, you don't play with any CD outside of teleport or archon. The only time I ever have desync of archon is if i somehow hit the millisecond where in-geom is falling off from killing a blue pack previously and its maybe a single second difference which is easy to keep track of to me.

    The hardest part of playing wizard is grouping/keeping your teleports synced but once you do a few hundred rifts it gets much easier.

    Edit (logged in and did a random 85)

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