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    Default Multibox Guilding and Realm Options

    I've been scouring the net for any recent guilds available for multiboxers. I have rarely ever encountered another multiboxer so I'm wondering if there are any active currently. I do see there is some talk of some but before I do any realm switching etc. I would just like to hear from the sources.

    The other question I would have for a multiboxer guild, would be do you do anything together ever, or is it just for the social aspect?

    Thank you!

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    there is very few mutiboxing guild around now a days as most players have there own for the guild banks and gold from dungeons.

    I find a lot of players are all over the place as well but its kinda easy to have a few boxers

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    Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure if there was much need to congregate together or if many even did. I guess it might be fun for end game things. I come from a long time boxing EQ and guilding with other boxers to progress. Was just curious

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    Before Blizzard killed battleground multiboxing, yes. I think now with cross-realm features a multiboxing guild isn't really necessary, as you can just group up with people from other servers.
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