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    Default 2.4.3 out but cant multibox the 64bit client

    Anyone able to make it work? It just crashes. Seems like Inner Space doesn't support it. Only the 32 bit version works for me.

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    I know the dev version of innerspace said it had added support for the Diablo PTR version, have you tried that? The option is somewhere inside innerspace, just tick it and it will download it.

    EDIT: Saw that you posted on the IsBoxer forum as well

    For anyone else it's a known issue and Lax (Author of IsBoxer) is working on it.
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    Haven't tried that one, but will ... thanks. Yeah posted there, was waiting for the new version. 64bit client looks very good. Disabling community chats fixes most of the "lag" issues ppl are seeing.

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    ISBoxer now works. Any suggestions for setup in 9 season?

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    This issue is fixed:

    Quote Originally Posted by woloss View Post
    Any suggestions for setup in 9 season?
    You should create a new thread for your new topic.

    EDIT: 64-bit still broken. Updates in the thread above. If anyone has further information, please post it on the ISBoxer forum, as it's easier to track it in one place rather than multiple. Thanks.
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