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    Default Targeting issues in dungeons where mobs spawn

    Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue.

    Example is Helya fight with the tentacles, there are 3 that are up. I can target freely but once a new one spawns my characters somehow seem locked in to a specific one besides my main can switch. Only when that target dies can they switch.

    Another is the first boss in Black Rook Hold - when all of the ghosts/banshees spawn and start heading towards the middle of the room, the followers will not assist off the main boss.

    I've tried switching to a different character, only that character targets.
    I've tried dropping the target completely.

    It seems like this only happens under specific circumstances and not sure what is causing it.
    When adds spawn for other encounters there is no targeting issue at all. Any outside any dungeon it is a non issue.

    Anyone else run into this?

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    I've never had that exact problem. Sometimes all followers will just stop working completely and I have to switch to each window just to give it focus, then its working fine again.

    For me it feels like a button spamming issue but I cant reproduce it on purpose.

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    Thanks, made me think - looked at it further and it appears it's intentional I just didn't see the side effects. I wanted IWT turned off, but not the assist part. Easily fixed.

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