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    Default Multiboxing The Division

    been trying to find some way to do this and haven't found anything yet.

    Using ISBOXER and haven't quite got it right

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    Curious... multiboxing an fps...
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    Not sure anything will ever get it quite right due to the perspective view of FPS (i.e. all your guys not looking the same way), the usual lack of follow/assist, and so on. Some FPS's might be more accommodating that others, but I would suggest that it will normally be a bit of a struggle.

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    ...unless it has a lot of cheesy auto-aim/auto-target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    ...unless it has a lot of cheesy auto-aim/auto-target.
    It does not.. and the biggest part is that if you are not moving from cover to cover A are dead A LOT! I could see using a second ( or more ) account so you can stack buffs..but you have to aim accurately ( no auto aim ) and a lot of ducking and such. Not seeing how this would work without hacks.
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