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    Default Blood vs Frost vs Unholy DK (4x DPS + Healer)


    Currently running my setup for the first time - got 4x DK 100 boosts as my damage dealers and a HPally healer who is already 110 with some gear.

    I've got 2 questions;

    1. Is Blood the best option for WQ to level from 100-110 with the 4x DK or should I try a DPS (and what's best)?
    2. End-game is casual wPvP, are 4x blood DK going to have enough damage to make it worth it or do they need to be the above DPS?

    I've seen alot of boxers creating a zombie apocalypse that seems very powerful, but also read to gear up Blood DK is king for PvE?


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    I've been running 4x Blood DK & 1 MW Monk

    1. I think blood is best for leveling things die pretty fast!
    2. Blood do pretty good damage + surv in wPVP. Once in a blue moon i switch one of them to Frost but mainly i keep all of them blood spec. So far no issues.

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    Think I'll stick with Blood as just need a basic comp that's viable and easy for first 5-box through to end game.

    I've just completed the artefact quest line painfully repeating 4 times!

    I think there are a few solo-instance quests during the other classes I've levelled up but hopefully 4x'ing the world content should speed things up.

    Just one quick question, whilst not PvP related. If I'm levelling up with quests 101-110 should I take my 110 healer for a bit of backup? I assume he can't be in the group as will change XP rate?

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    Level scaling make sit so you can group with anyone and not get a penalty. Infact.. the 110 will get drops based on his level and the lowbies will get drops and exp based on thier level. I am leveling 4 Dhs together with another DH that i had leveled solo to 110 and the exp is still great!

    Whats funny is when i look at the 110s DPS for the group.. the lowbie DPS shows as if they were 110...but when i look at DPS on the lowbies screen.. it shows the group DPS lower ( even the 110s ). SO everything scales to each individual toons level in a group.
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    Been running the 4x Bloods together and they are fantastic!

    I was a little worried at first as the Fellhunters on the initial Artefact quest were hitting very hard (although this was instanced/solo).

    At this rate I will probably run the 4x and wait for 110 before I bring the Pally in.

    I just hate these single instance quest lines, doing 4x the same quest one after the other is a little ZZzz.

    Have tried to be sneaky and box it, step by step and even broadcast the whole thing but in the end running it single on each toon is the fastest way

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