So to start off i have always been interested in Multi boxing but never had the money for it. But now that i have and the sale on Wow i feel that i'm ready to start Boxing.

I have been a Dk Main since Wotlk and really enjoying blood in Legion. Currently 877 iLvl Main tank for my guild.

I want to know what groups would be good to have as slaves for my Tank Dk? Im seeing that 1 Pally 4 Dks are popular right now but i would like to use my Dk as the master.

Would 5 dks or something like 1Dk 4 Pally be viable. 1 dk 4 dh (tanks) Would be very fun and interesting to play too but i dont know if that is as great. Let me know what you think


(Ps. Im going with a 5 man Team )

Edit: I planning on Running Mythic + and gold farming.