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    for tanks get a zerker or pally or sk . zerker is my current favorite but paladin is the simplest. the best healers would be inquisitor or warden but inquisitor is the easiest by a mile while warden if mastered has more potential. I typically dont need a second healer and would go a utility as all 4 of them are great be it troub/coercer/illy/dirge. get a ranger cause its strong and simple to use as auto attacks are the majority of it's damage typically. a necro can help the heals and can have pet pulls and such without too much extra effort but might not be worth it. wizard is the easiest damage mage with the most value. if you can handle it a brigand can be extremely good with debuffs to protect your group and burn things faster but requires melee distance. dirge can usually be considered a big time damage if you put enough time into it with great utility too.

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