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Thread: 2.4.2 4men meta

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    Default 2.4.2 4men meta

    Pretty much done getting my stash tab in season 7 so its time to focus on the multiboxing meta. So far, there isn't a definitive meta, alltho 2 gen monks is currently the highest in the leader boards. Sadly, gen monk is a no no for us because dash dsyncs pretty bad, not to mention the RG fight will be a complete pain.

    That leaves us with HT WD and/or Firebird Archon Wizard. WD there's 2 options:

    HT Firebats

    HT Garg

    For Firebird's Archon there's a very interesting thread in Reddit about the chinese server here:

    2 Firebats WD seems like the "easiest" to multibox since there are no pets doing stupid shit (AI bugs) but RG fight can be painful. Maybe a mix? Archon Firebird's seems kinda complicated because of how Firebird's + Chantodos + Archon mechanics work.

    Is not going to be the highest damaging combo but at least it will be just a couple GRs below only.

    Something I thought was leading with a gen monk so it's easier to control dash and have a HT Garg WD. U dont aim with that WD so its just about controlling your main and spamming the other toon skills, which is something I've done before with my Static Charge monk build. Need to do some testing first.

    Any thoughts are welcome

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    Archon is actually not too hard to play, just need two attack keymaps since the keys change rather crazily in archon form. Also need to be sure that you can use both right click archon and your CD reduction skill as channeling by holding the key down.

    Firebats is pretty easy to play but has the second lowest survivability to the monk probably, it does insane damage however and I'd actually say it works pretty well vs the RG. Done a 90 with firebats so it def works pretty well once you get into the rythm of how you need to play, the cycle is pretty complex to get correct. The biggest issue I have is actually gathering health globes for the firebat WD, I need to run around with a second char WHILE the firebats WD is channeling.

    Garg has the highest surviveabiliy easily but contrary to what you're saying there this build probably needs to aim most of all and you can't fail.... the garg resummon skill is your only way of killing elites and some mobs are almost impossible to kill with this build higher up (teleporters, illusionist and anything that runs). I do otherwise like this build quite a lot even with it's drawbacks once you get higher, I'd probably not use a single garg WD in a perfect party because of the garg aiming issue also this build is pure shit against the RG.

    I've not tried the monk personally but the constant dashing and low surviveability would probably drive me insane.

    All in all I think either 1x firebats or 1x archon wiz + support wiz barb monk is the best combo for boxing right now, I'm leaning towards the archon more due to the fact that gathering health globes suck!. You could however run 2x HT firebats with enough surviveability probably, doubt that's possible with 2x archon without losing too much control.
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