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    So, 4x WD seems the way to go in order to get my last stash tab. I'll login later today and see what I can do... but I'll only have 4-5 days free so it's going to be intensive playing. My girlfriend is going to hate me

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    Already 72 hours on my chars just this season, been going ham at it. The 4 min T13 rift is going to require some serious gearing with WDs if you're going for helltooth at least it seems but you'll get the stash before that of course.

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    Just some useful info you may need:

    Avarice Conquest with bounty caches (get mats + do a conquest)

    S7 Journey

    T1-T13 info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samefudge View Post
    I went 4 x WD too for a change, even though I said I would go all DH to start. It's been fun, but due to somewhat limited playtime in the last week I am having trouble finishing the stash tab. How did you all do it using 4x WD?
    I'm out of the game until august 25, I'm "only" Paragon 440, and i'm using 4x this template :

    Among noticeable things, I'm using a two-handed weapon because as of now I haven't found better ancient weapons. Also I'm using Aquila Cuirass in the cube... Since I'm not using Piranhas, I'm not using Mana... and with both the bonuses of Aquila Cuirass, the perma armor augment from Horrify + Frightening Aspect, and a defensive gem, things are a lot easier.

    I'll switch to Tasker and Theo's as soon as I have 4 of those.

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    I've got all that, I'll give it a whirl later, thanks!

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    So I'm done with season 7, I know it's been a while but I was pretty busy IRL. I played 4x Heltooth Gargs up to Paragon 670+, tried other specs in the process but didn't like them and/or they weren't as powerful as Gargs.

    The longest achievement to get was T XIII Rift in under 5 minutes, because there are so many maps where you just can't complete it, so you have to login, open a Rift, and then log out 8 times out of 10 just because it's a bad map.

    As for the conquests, I went for 3x65 gems, and "The Thrill", which is so easy with a Garg spec. I even did it with that character whom I forgot to change cube items, so he ran the Rift (in like 7 minutes) with a Ring of Royal Grandeur and no set item

    Also I didn't broadcast a lot lately because of the august temperatures, and with 4x Diablo games + mini-maps + all the brodcasting stuff, my PC was over-heating and I had some client crashes every now and then.
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    I finished the whole season (Guardian) this weekend on my main and Conqueror like 2 weeks ago with my other 3 chars. Managed to do GR80 below para 800 with the S2M2 FoK build (0 augments) and non optimal gear. Very different playstyle and pretty fun IMHO. I'm sure I can multibox it to 80+ on nonseason (got to GR75 on S7) but it kinda requires fishing on the higher end cause you rely so much on elite packs and some maps just dont have enough of them.

    Much more than I thought I could do with "crap" gear and low para. Didn't wanna waste 50+ gems on it, but with augments and higher paragon, this spec can do 90+ and multiboxing it is extremely easy cause you dont attack much.

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    Ah, right, I forgot to link my template. Here it is :

    It could have been better with ancient Sacred Harvesters, but I only found one (out of 4 characters). It's ok, any ancient ceremonial knife does the trick. As for mojos I picked Things of the Deep which make me sort of auto-pick any healing sphere around, but there are plenty of options with mojos.

    Now maybe I'll try and see if I can run some sort of "Meta-Team" on non-season, but with the huge 2.4.2 "group buff" nerf, it's not very interesting to invest time to build a team that will maybe reach GR80, when you were running higher rifts pre-patch.

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    I love the monks, been playing this season lightly. They seem sort of strong? but overall its hard to keep them together and feel like your not able to output dps like a single main could be doing.
    Got the DH's the free set but did not like the UE build - was a bit too boring.
    Looking at going with the WD's for the fun and relaxing nature while still feeling involved in the game.
    Such limited time these days but D3 allows for 2 minutes of gaming or 60.
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    I had a Crusader and added 3 Wizards when I started boxing D3 just this season. I backed off to 4 WD's to figure out wtf I was doing, but now back to gearing/playing the sader/3wiz team. Enjoying boxing a game again, but looting/time spent in town melting/outfitting seems to take...well...4x longer now
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