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    I used to play DBG EQ2 with 6 characters up until around June 2016.

    Never had a problem with anyone, no warnings, bans etc, a few of the h8ers here and there but nothing more than ppl just being sadmad for whatever reason.

    I was all over the place with my characters, sometimes, I would empty a few spots to help people out if we were in the same place farming etc...

    Most of the time I just kept to myself, would open portals for players while I was researching quests and stuff.

    If this happened to me, I would request the petition to be escalated to a senior gm. It will have senior gm <name> in the reply. Hopefully that gets resolved so you can play.

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    Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply!

    I went with a sort-of extreme solution - I picked up another copy of Windows, popped in a 115GB ssd I had laying around (almost have enough parts for another full machine), installed the OS to dual boot with my current machine, then disabled the other drives on the machine. Now EQ is running on a fresh clean Windows installation and has no access to any other drives on the system. Since DBG wouldn't bother telling me anything - only unjustly accuse me - it was do something that radical or tell DBG to bugger off. Still have a sour enough taste in my mouth over this I haven't totally dismissed telling them to take a long walk off a short pier.

    I can't imagine it was a player report that initiated this - I had only run two characters around. Since I had no macros setup, there was no simultaneous casting or whatever, just using auto-follow command built into game - one toon following one other. And I can use my laptop and PC to simultaneously cast anyhow - I have two hands with fingers - when I true box. And if a GM was watching me, he was watching me sit in PoK most of the time. So this brings me to my next uncertainty: do they have some way of scanning the files on your hard drive to look for something suspicious? I have a VPN client running in my system tray, but it was never used/connected during any gameplay - would that trigger it? Digging further, I found at some time in the past I had downloaded "Poke" for some other single player game I had been playing - but I haven't run that application in over a year. Or maybe because I have TextPad and Visual Studio installed they thought I was Super Leezard Squad Haxor Elite!

    At any rate, I can run two accts on my clean OS main pc now and one on my dusty old laptop (turning off the new char textures brought back memories - a la the butt-scratching trolls!), so I shouldn't run into any more trouble. But by the noodley appendages of the glorious FSM they can let me know more than saying "Your using a cheat program!"

    And, after exploring ISBoxer, only the timers might "automate" something enough to be a ToS violation. Otherwise, it only helps manage multiple game clients and their windows. I'd love to try WinEQ2.0 but with DBG's ambiguity I can't take the chance. But it's a cool product I wish I could explore further.

    Again, thanks!

    P.S. Just realized you can use this with SWTOR - is that fuzzy territory as well? Same situation, I have my acct, and my roomie has his but never plays. Comments/feedback welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanl View Post
    P.S. Just realized you can use this with SWTOR - is that fuzzy territory as well? Same situation, I have my acct, and my roomie has his but never plays. Comments/feedback welcome.
    While I've never played Everquest or SWTOR, and as such I'm not familiar with their policies, there's something generic I'd like to point out to you that I do think you need to be aware of.

    I've seen people use this logic before: "My friend/sibling/etc. has this unused account, so I can combine that with my own account to start multiboxing!" However, for many games, account sharing is prohibited - even if multiboxing itself is allowed. In such cases, the moment you start playing other people's accounts, you run the risk of getting banned - not because you're multiboxing, but because you're using an account that does not belong to you. Just because multiboxing is allowed, doesn't mean the other rules and policies don't apply to you, and breaking them can have dire results.

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    If they wanted to take it to that extreme stretch . . .
    The "other acct" in question does belong to my roommate. Been roommates for 12 years. Both accounts have two credit cards associated with them - each has mine and his, all cards share same billing address. My card is currently used for both accounts Gold status. Been this way for over three years. Roommate is free to play whenever he wants, and he does so. Besides, it would be borderline criminal for them to ban accounts they willingly accepted charges for where all details are available to them at the time of the transaction to know that it was a violation.

    *edit* Just realized that EQ has an option under General that says "Accept kick requests" - on hover, "If checked, you will automatically accept any kick requests made by another player logging into your account." so that kills the account sharing ban worry and they changed their client some time ago to allow multiple instances on a single machine natively, so I'm calling this worry officially unfounded for this game.

    Anyhow, a bit of a derailment from the focus of this topic - which was receiving a 1 day suspension, which is long over and I'm back to playing again. Again, the suspension was for an alleged "3rd Party application in violation of ToS", no other information ever provided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanl View Post
    Anyhow, a bit of a derailment from the focus of this topic
    Not really, no. You are the one who brought up potentially using an account for another game that isn't owned by you. I'm only responding to what you yourself posted in your own thread, offering some free advice about how you might risk setting yourself up for another ban. Because the type of bans I mentioned have been known to happen, regardless of what your opinion is on them. People have also lost accounts this way because the original owner claimed ownership once again. But by all means, dismiss good advice when it's given to you.

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    The fact that it was one day indicates they aren't sure if you violated anything. In the past, on the forums, they have said ISBoxer was allowed and then during one of the fracases on the TLP servers, they said it was not. Most of us took that to mean, if we're not on TLP, they're not going to hassle us. Personally, I always have 12 accounts loaded but they're not doing anything but foraging or trading.

    I think what happened was someone observed your toons moving together and assumed it was MQ2, because they are ignorant of ISB. Personally, I have an issue with ignorance but there's not much you can do.

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    I have been boxing EQ1 for 12 yrs or so now and NEVER had a suspension or ban due to using ISboxer.. I don't know what server your on but there are alot of us using it with any problems for years now.

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    The only thing I'm sure about regarding this whole situation is DBG will not be giving me a straightforward answer.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys.

    And MultiBear, I do appreciate your warning, and I'm not diving into SWTOR boxing until I investigate further. My previous post mistakenly focused on EverQuest alone without regarding the fact I brought up SWTOR earlier and that was what you were responding to.

    Cheers all!

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    Just started 2 boxing EQ2 early in January and have not had any problems on a traditional server. I have seen people post about multi boxing on the eq2 forums and have not seen them have problems either.

    As has been said in previous posts it looks like multi boxing on a special server like Time Locked Progression will get you banned. Boxing on a traditional server seems to be safe for now. The server I am most interested in and may try boxing on is the "Free Trade Isle of Refuge Server". That is a special server but maybe not so special it will get me banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanl View Post
    I'm not diving into SWTOR boxing until I investigate further.
    I have 3 boxed SWToR with no problems for several months but I will give you this advice if you decide to use ISBoxer.. Make sure (As it is very explicit in the ToS) every action you take is a solid and full keypress... don't action on press and reaction on release..) It Wasn't a problem for me, however, after reviewing my profile and re-reading the ToS i found some of my "Assist/attack" actions were not in concordance with their ToS..

    Double binding mapped keys makes life easy in Swtor but I don't recommend it..
    I will be going back there soon after my stint with WoW and I will be rebuilding my profile to insure Assist and attacks are separate keystrokes.. which is the way I play wow now..

    Side note:: no interact with target in SWToR but they have their own auto interact/auto face function that makes life a bit easier..(so turning in quests are a pain but fighting is fairly easy..
    Hope to see you there..

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