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    Quote Originally Posted by fireymerlin View Post
    Just updated to latest alpha as of 3/17/2017.
    It is missing LibButtonGlow-1.0. I added it manually, and now toons in my 5 man team won't accept quests together. They turn in quests together, but not accept.
    I would have reported this on but I can't logon: probably something to do with their merger with
    posted in wrong place.


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    Hey All so with the patch 7.2 The us getting before the EU as always *yes shes a EU player*

    Am really sorry i don't think am going to get the update out on time. or though some of the bug report's i had might not be a problem in live am not sure.

    Am in hospital for some tests, should only be a day or so but its how am going to be feeling after to get the release out, am Planing off releasing the Beta ver of jamba and pushing it as a live build! so it might take a few extra days this time.

    Sorry once again!

    This is a last min thing.

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    That's alright Ebony, I hope everything works out and you are doing ok. We appreciate this, but your health is always first!

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    appreciate all your work! this addon is a gamer changer

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    Hope you are feeling better soon Ebony!

    And don't worry about the release, It's not like you are a paid employee with the task of developing the addon. And even when that is the case, things are often not ready in time either... So any work done by you should be greatly appreciated, never demanded or taken for granted

    I personally am very thankful, and also impressed by all the work you put into developing Jamba!

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    Thanks for the replays i manged to release it i hope i got everything, Right

    This topic is getting a bit to big with a new release 5.2 I think its time to to start a New One

    MOD's can you close this and unsticky it

    New Topic
    Last edited by ebony : 03-28-2017 at 09:14 AM

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    hope u feel better and jamba is awsome.

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