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    Question Best Class Make-Up?

    I would like to chime in as well. I have a question: what is the best group makeup to be able to conquer the most PVE content? If that is Tank, healer and 3 DPS then fine. I don't care about the makeup, I just want the best group for doing the most.

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    I'm enjoying prot pala, x2 mm hunters, arcane mage with a shammy healer myself. Mage is fab for portals, and in Legion shamans heals are even more simple with the removal of earth/water shield.

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    I moved your thread because bumping threads that are a year old tends to lead to confusion. People see a thread is active, they read the original post, and perhaps a few below it, and then they reply accordingly--they do not normally look at the dates of the posts trying to find which is the most recent, and which deserves a reply.

    With that said, anything that we can tell you is probably going to be wrong in about three weeks when the pre-patch for Legion is released. At that point, it's just going to be chaos until Legion actually launches because there is unlikely going to be any balance for anything at level 100 since all of these changes are meant for level 110.

    So, really it's anyone's guess as to what the best class setup is going to be.
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    For pve is in most cases range DD best choice. Few Tanks and heals are preferred because of their mechanics.
    For range dd i can tell you, that BM hunters will be easiest one. All their spells are instant so you can jump around and do dmg Even if you take barrage as talent, it can be channeled while moving.

    For a tank: I personally prefer paladin because they are good at aoe and good against casters.
    Demonhunters looks pretty good too. They have a huge selfhealing.

    For a healer: I will take a druid in legion, because you get a battleres und with Innervate you can cast Tranquility while moving and in a group it get buffed and is 100% stronger.

    So for easy pve content my team might be a pally tank druid heal and 3 hunters.

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    I'm liking that MW isn't a complete waste of a slot in 5 mans come Legion. Like it is now with WoD =/

    Shaman is my backup if the MW starts to fold in legion mythic dungeons.

    Anyway my staple at the moment is looking like Blood DK + 3*BM hunters and whichever healer turns out to be alpha in Legion.

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