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    Default Dual-Multiboxing Experiment—Dungeon Leveling Highlights (Paladin/Mage x3/Shaman)

    Svpernova and myself have been doing a dual-multiboxing experiment where one of us plays the tank and the healer, and the other plays the DPS characters. It has been quite a fun experiment—even when I'm getting yelled at—and whenever we're playing he is streaming it over on his Twitch channel. He's released some of the raw, uncut Twitch recordings here in the movies section, broken up by dungeon, but I also record our sessions locally to my computer in 3840x2160 @ 60FPS, and then edit the footage together afterward for high quality highlight videos.

    While I have been uploading these videos to The Commons, I realize that not everyone may pay attention to that area of the site, and the forum itself is better suited for actual discussion. So, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to let me know.

    This thread will be dedicated to the team where I'm playing the Mages as DPS while we leveled through dungeons.

    Here is the full playlist on YouTube:
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    Default Dual-Multiboxing Experiment—Dungeon Leveling Highlights (Paladin/Mage x3/Shaman)

    I hope your experiment continues past leveling and we get to see you in LFR at 100.

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    I've been thinking of this lately. With my permanent usage of my prot warrior and resto shaman through consecutive expansions. Depending on how difficult mythic dungeons turn out to be, this should be an extremely viable method of doing them.

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