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    Some teams are using Hex / Toad of Hugeness instead of Hex / Jinx on the Witch Doctor, seems very effective, I need to give it a try. Also Kicksome how do you manage Epiphany on the Monk ?

    Anyway Total War / Warhammer goes live tomorrow so I guess i'll disappear for a while

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    Level GR90 down, just trying to focus on elites.

    Sweet* teams - <unGankable> - Kil'Jaeden US Alliance - 10x Shamans, 9x DKs 1x Pally, 10x Drews

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    Gratz. Haven't played in a while. May play again soon...

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    So, I'm busy at the moment with IRL stuff, and playing Total War : Warhammer during free time, but I have seen the sad news coming from DiabloFans... It seems that Blizzard wants to kill meta-teams.

    I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but with all the group buffs going away, for us multiboxers it's going to be a going back to 4x DPS... Maybe with still one Barbarian for Ignore Pain / Mob Rule, which hasn't been modified (for now).

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    I'd say it's only good news, the current problem for multiboxing is trying to do too many movement roles at once for this meta. Wizard needs to run ahead, monk needs to catch up asap and freeze and then pull correctly while the barb has to run around like a headless chicken gathering mobs. You just cannot do all of that as a single player. If they remove the pulling parts which they seem intent on doing then the gap to a real team will get a lot smaller.

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    Playing again S7 my DHs just to get my stash space. Started on saturday and got bored pretty fast after hitting 70. They changed Haedrig's Gift and now u actually have to work to get your 6 piece set. Got 2 pieces for all 4 and then I couldn't take it anymore ... too fucking slow. I started playing solo on my main, mainly pub games, so I could easily carry my other 3 accounts later on. Paragon 470 with full set doing T13 now. Should resume multiboxing later today. Felt "weird" to play with ppl again :P

    About the meta, seems like this setup is being used by some and looks fairly easy to do:

    Helltooth WD (garg + sacrifice)
    Helltooth WD (cloud of bats)
    zDPS barb
    zDPS monk

    I'll prolly replace the monk with a Crusader cause I just can't play without moving thru stuff. Maybe a Condemn Crusader than can do a bit of damage too. Will see ...
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    Meta seems to be changing to 2x generator monk, support monk and support barb. The generator monk is not very friendly to boxing due to low toughness and having to dash every 5-6 seconds to keep damage up.

    With 2x garg sac WDs and zdps barb, monk I just did 88 in under 11min

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    There are different combos that are working alright at the moment... But it seems that 3x Monks and 1x Barb is the new popular Meta. Also one of you guys should start a new thread for 2.4.2 Meta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cmoidudu View Post
    Also one of you guys should start a new thread for 2.4.2 Meta
    Sounds like.... work.... must limit inputs to D3 mainly, my mouse is actually melting or something and the keyboard is starting to get bent from my hammering

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    I just love DHs:

    Was doing my Avarice conquest and found a Bandit Shrine. Went to town, Broken Crown in cube, Emerald on Helm and fired away. Not one escaped and even if it was T13 wouldnt made any difference. Around 200 imperial emeralds and a bunch of mats and dbs.

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