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    Nice guide I also have a key to disable all VideoFX cause they get in the way of your inventory/stash. I just press F10 and they are all gone. I never use VideFX in Greater Rifts, no point ... but for regular rifts and bounties, they are very useful.

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    How exactly do you assign a key like your f10 Devile to disable video fx? from isboxer menu or from inside game menu?

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    A simple keymap with 2 steps for my main screen:

    Press once, it will clear all VideoFX, press again it loads them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    I destroy all my viewers when I disable keymaps via the Key Maps -> Always On -> ActiveKeyMaps Toggle, and selectively re-create them when I press my F1-F5 slot activate keys. (...)
    The problem is that I want to have my mini-maps over my existing maps. I gave it a try to be sure, but when you are on game window #1 you obviously can't create "Source01" and then place "Viewer01" on top of it... ISBoxer becomes mad and gets rude, he says "NULL" to me

    So I need to create a new layer with DxNothing.

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