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    So I've swapped to the old client and HotKeyNet. The stability issues of the DX9 client were just too much to deal with.

    It took some work but I've got a script that act's mostly like ISBoxer did for me.

    Here is a sample of what I'm using for a 6 man team. Hope this helps get someone started.

    I attempted to put the script here but the post was too long, so here it is on PasteBin.

    Feedback appreciated!

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    Hey there. I played this game off and on for nearly 10 years. Quit a couple years ago though I did do lots of multiboxing. At my peak i was multiboxing 8 accounts but this was only for a couple years, most of my years were spent with 3-4 accounts but i can surely offer some advice.

    As for your crashes and inferno mission issues i cant say as my multiboxing took place before the new engline client and using hotkeynet not isboxer as that couldnt be used without DX9. Seems you've fixed your issues by going to HKN and old client anyway though. Thats a shame because the new engine using isboxer was one of the nice features.

    Starting attack being an issue as its a toggle? Just use Q hotkey.

    Interacting with quest NPC's was indeed always a PITA but i had hoped using isboxer would allow me to have a second screen with my follow toons that i could see when they all got the chat window open and use mouse repeater to click dialogue (which i actually used a mouse repeat function to do that very thing with HKN i just had to swap to every screen individually to first open chat). Alas i left game before that ever became an option. I still kept all my old HKN scripts i accumulated over the years that i can offer you which may give you some insight on all the options (there are many ways to go about getting things to work, i'd still prefer isboxer though).

    Before i quit i managed to box mitaar/vortex no problem, sector 35 i did as well, DB1, certain dreads and pretty much all of the instances save for 42. I did get to beast and only attempted him a few times. I got him to 50% many times but always failed on the adds. The aoes and reflect were manageable with crat debuffs but the adds overwhelmed me. If i stayed around longer perhaps i could have found a way. I've heard that trader nano drains can stop his ability to cast debuffs. Doubt the MP could land NSD. (Oh the team i ran for the biggest attempts was...if i can remember right, crat/crat/doc/enf/engi/ma and when 8 boxing i added another doc and engi). Yeah i wanted to have as much DD as possible hehe. The second doc made things a lot smoother.

    For mitaar yeah i put doc and crat on blue, rest on red and just snoozed through it.

    I've thought about coming back from time to time but i dont have my old accounts anymore and the game is just too low pop for me. Plus the prices have gone just nuts. When i left it had gotten very difficult to be able to find enough people to sell anything to to pay for grace. At this point it looks virtually impossible. Assume you pay the subscription with cash?

    I've contemplated giving WoW a try. It doesnt have the same feeling to me as AO had but then again multiboxing was always my main enjoyment and WoW has a rich history of things to make multiboxing a whole lot funner and easier (MUCH easier looting than AO, interact with target and so much more i dont even know about) so i may actually be able to find more fun in it despite the fantasy theme. Not to mention a whole lot more population so it should be a breeze to earn gold for game time.

    Good luck!
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    Hello! Just came across this site/thread through Google and thought I'd share my experiences.
    We are not using any program, just good old tabbing between multiple characters, but me and a friend have been running a total of 8 accounts trying to do raids.

    We have found, after a lot of trial and error, a strategy that works on the Beast. The problem with the adds is that they attack the docs, so we have a 190 engi permalogged on platform.

    Our team consists of Enfo/Keeper/Engi/Crat/2x Docs and the engi on platform.
    Every now and then the docs take turns using Insurance Reclaim Beacon to warp to Pande Garden (or any garden as long as they are saved in SL) and the engi on platform warps them back. This clears all built up agg that the docs have made.
    The platform engi is in raid team #1 and has everyone anchored. He is also raid leader and can swap docs back and forth to warp. Everyone else is in raid team #2.

    We are currently leveling a trader as well, cause we just learned that they can drain Beast's nano. Should make things a lot easier when the enfo doesn't have to recast HP buff all the time

    Now, a question:
    We tried s35 yesterday and failed miserably, any tips on strategy there? We read that enfo can't mongo, which makes it seemingly impossible. There's just too many adds and we couldn't keep all of them off the towers. Is this misinformation and enfos can actually mongo, or is there another better strategy?
    It seemed mobs spawned in 3 different locations. We had an idea about using fixer and crat to snare the adds on 2 sides and enfo to mongo on 3rd side, outside range of towers.

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    For anyone who might stumble upon this thread in the future; We now managed to do S35.
    The AOU guide is a little misleading as there's no problem for an enfo to do mongo, and you only need one of the 3 towers to survive.
    We had no problems keeping enfo alive, but he needs to be on his toes to mongo aliens off of the tower(s). I think the best strategy is to concentrate on one tower and make sure it survives. Can probably more or less ignore the other two.
    The hardest part with S35 is by far the waves of aliens. Once the two bosses spawn, you'll be hard pressed to fail. They are rather gimpy compared to the other sector bosses. AOU suggests two tanks, but that is really not necessary. Kill support boss first, then the marshal. The marshal seemed to still have reflect up a good while after support died, but eventually it disappeared and he went down without much trouble.

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