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    Lightbulb Crowfall open beta info & alpha videos

    The game (a kind of MMO RTS, or, say - it's IGN Wiki) is in alpha, and open beta (free tests) is announced for summer 2017. Alpha access is kinda expensive, but simple registration on the site gives open beta access.

    I don't remember hearing direct negative stance on multiboxing, but there will be collison detection, full physics, strong server-side control and friendly fire - latter at least on some servers.

    Another very important detail is - after death, one doesn't just respawn, but rather has to fly (as crow-spirit) and find new body, unless there is a corpse and/or alive friends nearby. Exact details of death mechanics are still in flux, but frequent changes of sex/race/class might end up happening frequently; Also, bodies can be crafted and carried in inventory (!)

    Here is couple player made videos:

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    I updated the OP - open beta was pushed to summer 2017. Here's how the game looks now (alpha):

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    Yea.. i have not played yet..but i got the founders packs ( or whatever they were called) a long time ago. I will start playing the tests soon..looks fun!
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    Couple days ago, they started slowly inviting beta 1 backers - in order of backing (earlier backers go first).
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