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    Default Changes and Authenticator multi account

    Recently there has been a few changes to including changes on how the authenticator works for the wow game-client.

    Before these changes it was possible to launch several gameclients from different accounts on the same computer without it asking for the authenticator-code every time you login.

    For this to work you need to have:
    Security Options->Authenticator->Enter an authenticator code every time I type my credentials in a game client or the desktop app. NOT ENABLED !

    Now with these changes a token is saved in the windows registery allowing you to login again without the use of the authenticator every single time.

    This registry setting is overwritten every time you login with another account causing you to enter the authenticator code every time you startup your team on at least the account that was not last used.

    When you are using more as one account, or if you broadcast the password to all clients a few will ask for the code each time you logout/in from

    To prevent this from happening you can virtualize this registery setting with ISBoxer.

    Here is how i did this:

    Lets say we have 2 accounts BNetA and BNetB

    Start the ISBoxer toolkit
    Go to "Wizards" menu and select "Virtual File Wizard"
    Now from the dropdownlist select: Other (Please specify file) and in the field below you enter:
    Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft/Client/
    Click Next and select ALL of the characters you want this to apply to.

    (Do the following for each character!)

    Select the character from the Characters-list and go to the Virtual Files section.

    Select the newly created setting and change the "Virtualize as" to:
    Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft-ISBoxer/Client-BNetA/
    For all characters on the BNetA account.

    Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft-ISBoxer/Client-BNetB/
    For all characters on the BNetB account.

    Now you can broadcast-login again without it asking for the code again until the token needs to be renewed
    (because the registery key is new you need to enter it once more for it to store it in the correct virtualized location)

    Goodluck and happy Boxing!


    EU 24-Boxer.
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    +1 sticky

    A lot of people split up accounts to play for free with tokens.

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    Indeed... Very nice for those who are using multiple BNet accounts with ISBoxer.
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    Lovely stuff! Thanks, Ribbs!

    Was getting slightly miffed at having to fill in authenticators every time on a few game clients (and once when I mistyped it, 8 different captchas) and this seems to have resolved all my issues, so cheers. ^^

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    Well this fix has eliminated the constant authenticator requirement, but I box with up to 13 accounts (2 bnet accounts) in differing configurations. And this fix seems to mean that ISBoxer (or something) only remembers the last login realm info, not each team's info. I've got two teams on one realm, and the rest on another. WoW defaults to the most recently accessed toon on the last realm accessed. Just as if I weren't using ISBoxer at all.

    I deleted all characters and teams, saved and exported to InnerSpace, and have recreated 3 teams on the 2 realms so far, using the defaults with the Quick Setup Wizard, then followed the instructions above for the Virtual Files, saved and exported again.

    What am I doing wrong/what else should I have done? The 'virtualize as' reads: "Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft-ISBoxer/Client-BNetAccount#/" .
    Should the realm and toon name be appended in there somewhere?
    I tried: Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft-ISBoxer/Client-BNetAccount#-toonname-realmname/ yet I get the same results.

    Any other thoughts?

    Also just tried putting the account name at the end... no difference. Starting to think I may have to put up with the annoyance of waiting for the authenticator on every other account...
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    As far as i can see this setting has nothing to do with the last server, i think the problem you are having is related to something else. Or maybe it is also stored in the token. In this case we have no control over it.

    The trick here is to have Software/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft-ISBoxer/Client-BNetAccount#/ the same for all chars on the same battlenet.
    So when you login 1 using the authenticator the token is saved for all.

    Nothing is stopping you to add a name for each team in this string as it is just a windows registery key but i am afraid it is not going to solve the problem.
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    Gah. just had a Doh! moment. I was reading that as each individual sub-account name, rather than my account name. I'll give it one more try with instead.
    Thanks for triggering the thought, and I'll post again after trying.

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    OK, so WoW is still defaulting to the last realm accessed, although it seems to be choosing the right toon position in relation to the correct realm.
    Put another way, the 2nd toon from the top is selected when it should be, if it is available. Just not always the correct realm.
    Guess this means I just have to not get distracted and forget which team I'm trying to assemble.
    One more thing to remember besides who needs what recipe, etc.

    Edit: added another team, and so long as I stay on the same realm, it seems to work perfectly. The trouble lies in convincing ISBoxer (or WoW) to go to the correct realm if it's not the same one as the previous team.
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