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    Hey peeps. Loving boxing so much but still new. I'm running Druid tank 3 x BM Hunters with pets for all buffs, and resto druid for heals. I ran SoO 10 man yesterday and managed to get all bosses down including Galakaras(took a couple of tries switching screens real fast but got it to work), but got stuck on spoils.

    Has anyone here done spoils buy themselves or with there own team? Looking for some ideas, I just can't get from one side to the other fast enough presently.

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    Send 2 dps down to one side and let them just stand there. In the meantime clear the other side with 3. When the "lever" in the room with 3 in it becomes clickable...dont click it, but switch to the room with 2 characters. Do the same here with the 2 characters.

    If you have enough dps you will be able to activate the levers in both rooms within the timer, then click both the levers. Then do the same for the room next to eachother, to finish it off.
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