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    After really enjoying my first multiboxing experience in EQ1 when the TLE servers launched, I wanted to give it a try in EQ2. So I rolled a necro/conj duo with the Templar and Inq mercs. Dungeons clearing is fun, but a little slow. I can clear the same dungeons faster with my beastlord and a merc just moloing than I can with the Conj/Necro dual box. I might be doing it wrong.

    I also am trying a Bruiser/Dirge combo. Fun in theory but having trouble positioning the Dirge for fights making it feel a little clunky atm. But they're only lvl17 or so.

    What other duos work well for boxing that isn't really complicated? I dont' want it to feel like a chore. I know in EQ1, the duo's I tried, Monk/sham, Mage/Necro never felt like a chore to me. it just flowed well.

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    for tanks go zerker/pally or sk if you are a boxer. as for the secondary a fury with mostly damage build or dirge/troub possibly even a ranger if you go paladin for maximum damage and aggro control but a fury gives aoe blocker which can give more zone clearing potential but be weary of a druid's issues of buff canceling and spells like sand whatever will cancel if you cast it twice too quickly so either have proper macros for them or triggers in act.

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