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    Default Garrison Management Spreadsheet

    Massively bored today and sick and tired of having to log toons on reset day to see if they killed kazzak or not, so I created the below spreadsheet to help me keep a track of everything going on, with each character.

    Its as simple as it comes and acts as nothing more than a check-list for daily cool downs but also highlights certain priorities for characters / teams, ie DK's all need lvl 3 inn, will get that next for them.

    The following are notes / thoughts behind each sheet within the document.

    Daily CD's - Darksorrow

    This sheet lists all individual characters and teams on a particular realm, in this case Darksorrow.

    It allows me to track if each character or team has completed daily CD's. Also has requests row, this is a note i make for each toon of items they will need from the master bank for the following day, typically this will be raw materials for crafting or fire / water / earths for epic crafts. When CD's are complete the box is turned green.

    Daily, Column A & B can be copied and pasted below for the next check-list to be created, or you can delete the info within from the previous day and refill.

    Weekly CD's - Darksorrow

    Much the same as above but now for weekly CD's.

    Kazzak kills are green when completed and the number inside represents how many felblight were rewarded per toon.

    Here I have added the ones important to me, these can be changed to suit yourself.

    Follower from the Inn completed - you will note the monk has a note in here to remind me next week i need a herbalist from the recruiter, this can be added for each toon as a reminder.

    Again column A & B can be copied and inserted below each week, or the previous weeks data deleted and filled in again.

    Garrison Plots

    This Sheet is simply a tracker for the plots on each Character and how far the are away from completing my perfect set up:
    • Bunker
    • Barracks
    • Guild Bank
    • Prof buildings with followers attached
    • lvl 3 Barn & Inn
    • Bunkers will be replaced with trading post once the followers all hit the right ilvl


    List of each toon and their current skill in each profession they have.

    Box is greened once the profession I want them to take into legion hits 700


    If you are still reading at this point you shouldn't need me to explain this sheet.

    I have made the document available to download for anybody who is interested.

    As ever i'm happy to answer any questions anybody has about the sheet and would be very interested in hearing any feedback for improvement.

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    I have a similar spreadsheet, and one of the things I added was account time, when my individual accounts expire, as I often add tokens whenever I can, and sometimes not 10 are available at a low price.

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