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    Default Is it just me or are Tactical Flashpoints very difficult to two-box with companions?

    I've only attempted a couple Tactical Flashpoints at this point (toons are about lvl 51), but they seem surprisingly hard, at least certain bosses. Even with both companions set to heal, I still have a really hard time keeping up with the damage output of some bosses.
    Most recently, the 2nd boss of Hammer Station. His dps seems pretty high.
    I know I'm far from the best boxer, so I'm sure other people would be able to handle this, but I expected Tactical level of difficulty to be easier. If I wanted a challenge, I'd do the Hard mode. I mainly want to experience the story.

    Edit - BTW, I only started boxing this game after 4.0, so maybe something changed with the patch.

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    So far the only thing I have run into that has been problematic is that companions don't do well in fire. They will just stand there and get blown up, burned up, whatevers. Hard modes are pretty hard if you haven't geared up your character and leveled your companions. Even then there are some mechanics that will just wipe out your companions.

    Hammer Station is like level 20's. If you want to do the story, just go to the instance and do it on normal/solo mode instead of tactical. The game will scale you down, but you should be able to just wreck it by two-boxing and companions. Also if you go to the swtor message boards, there are a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of hard modes and tactical flash points. There is a lot more to the expansion than has been released so my guess is, people are just hitting it too under-geared right now.

    I do know companions are not getting the proper bolster in many flash points. The new companion mechanic that removed them from getting stats from gear is the cause. The bolster of zero is still zero. The Dev's have stated they are aware of this, but my guess is they will just say level your companions, get some datacrons, complete some other story lines for presence, and man-up.

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    At this point, don't bother. They applied a massive nerf to companions today, taking healing down by ~75%, and nerfed tank companion self bubbles while leaving in a bug where they have 0 armor or defense at 65.

    It had been possible to two box most of the tactical flashpoints even at a lower level if your companions had a decent influence level. (I did the weekly quest of clearing 5 a few times with two Mercenaries/Commandos with companions at rank 20 at 60.) Now though after the change that isn't looking so good.

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    Healing is down, but not 75% down. Companion heals and hp are down about 25-30%. Running a heroic star fortress (voss) I did notice for the first time since the expansion that my healer companion healed for less than 4 digits. There were some ticks in the 800-900 range. The star fortress run, I was only able to see a difference on the robot guard boss guy. The one that gets assembled then summons packs of 4 robots. If you don't interrupt the summon or go kill the adds, they were able to out dps the companion heals after about 12 of them appeared. Prior to the patch, you could just stand there and beat the boss and ignore all mechanics and easily win. Now I have to run the marauder over and kill the adds if I miss an interrupt or I can get overwhelmed before downing the boss. Better gear and I know I can ignore it all again.

    The final boss I couldn't tell there had been an adjustment. Just standing there with my back to the wall to avoid getting knocked off the platform and ignoring all mechanics, never saw hp dip below 85%. This was the same as it was prior. It probably takes longer to get healed to full, but your full by the time the next big hit comes anyway so it doesn't matter.

    I don't have a max level companion, but the patch notes say they pretty much get all their power back by influence 50. I run an immortal juggernaut and a carnage marauder, so I can't comment on how well the companions tanked previously. I also don't run them in DPS mode so no idea if that's been adjusted either.

    You may want to swap out the companions. Some just don't work well as compared to others. Lt. Pierce sucked compared to the octopus-head sith lady for example. That imperial archaeologist guy from Yavin heals very well.

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    Does this mean 4 boxing is back in business?
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