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    Default Initial impressions with Early Access to Fallen Empire

    I'll try to make this as spoiler free, but no guarantees.

    Day one: I played about 6 hours solo and was quite disappointed. Chapters 1-9 are 100% story mode. This means you have to repeat it on each toon. It was also very linear. I didn't even so much find a treasure chest or anything worth the time to look around.

    Day two: Almost didn't even bother... But I slogged through and got to the point where you build your base. This is where the game opens up. It REALLY REALLY opens up. A few downsides is that again, each base where the story guys are located, are in a story mode area.

    Day three and four: There's no end in sight right now so far as to collecting followers, building and leveling them etc...

    Spoilers below!

    Very disappointing at first, but once you get past the first nine chapters and get your ship back, it's a lot of fun. I have yet to see any impact of choices that bioware said would be so important. Darth Marr dies no matter what, as does the HK droid. Everyone still joins your cause regardless of answers. All choices good or bad raise your influence with that npc character.

    Diplomacy is very over powered tradeskill now. Just shower your companions with gifts and watch them become gods. Hero of the story (me) 62k hp and 2300 damage. Level 7 flunky... 87k hp and 4000 damage and spams 15k hp heals.

    There is a triple opt in to start the expansion. All your companions get taken away, but are replaced with dozens more. Downside is that all companions are the same now, just different aesthetics. Even if you go back to fleet or other planets, they are gone. As a Sith Warrior I have only found Lt. Pierce so far in one of the alert quests. I do miss Vette. So if you haven't maxed out your companions affection yet for the +10 presence bonus, you will be unable to do this after you start the expansion.

    The companion window is pretty nice. It lets you instantly warp around the game. Figure out where your idle companions like to hang out and you just warp around everywhere now instead of walking. Warp to this guy because he's next to the bank and vendors. Warp to this guy because he hangs out next to the mission terminals. Warp to all the turn in guys. Warp to the planet from the quest window. Quick travel around the planet on 0s cooldown. Warp warp warp.

    I hit level 65 very quickly. About three hours into the expansion just doing the linear questline you are on. Level 65 is a joke now that every planet and dungeon has you down level to make it "challenging". Lv65 is more like a simple differential between a sub and a non sub because they were too lazy to find a way to restrict free to play players from equipping expansion equipment. It's quite annoying because MOB's now agro on lower level planets, and they don't die in one hit.

    There is a lot of focus on unlocking "legendary" status. What they should have done is combined your alts into the same alliance base. So instead of some random npc running the smuggler and supply lines of your new base, it's your actual smuggler character while you are running your Knight. All of these characters are stuffed into that storymode zone so it shouldn't be hard for them to pull your account or legacy data for this. Because all the classes have the epic story and are the heroes.

    All in all. I would give the expansion a 4 out of 10 for the linear chapter storyline. And a 8 out of 10 once you finish chapter 9 and it opens up. As for boxing... I went from 4 for a full group originally. Dropped down to 3 a while back because it was just easier to let the companion do the healing. Now, there is little reason to do more than two box unless you plan to solo operations (raids). Just run 2 dps toons and have one companion set to heal and the other on tank duty. The companions are just insanely powerful at low influence levels, and if you level them to influence 50, they should be getting their own movies from Disney.

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    thx for this! I was contemplating doing this this weekend. I have been two boxing the game before this expansion launch and was bummed that i could not two box the story. How long does it take to get through the 9 chapters, 6 hours?

    One thing that i liked is that they gave all the original FPs solo modes, so if you level more alts, you can duo them ( even though its called solo mode ). You can also repeat them as often as you want. I just hope they add this to the higher level FPs in the future.

    Also, Im not sure I will max all my toons, I have two Mercs at 60, one Sorc at 56. Did you use your free 60s? im curious what i should use mine for.
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    On my solo trip through the first 9 chapters. I spent probably 6 hours the first day and stopped right when I got to the part where I began to build the base of operations. I should have kept going because I was only about 2 or 3 quests away from finishing chapter 9. Knowing what I do now, it would probably take only 4 hours to do it again by not looking for side quests or chests, and dialogue skipping over the woe-is-me backstory on the new characters. However this was with my fully raid geared main and everything just melted. But I spent a couple of months during the 12x xp boost to get the presence bonuses and unlock perks. My little force unity buff thing last 2 min on a 5 min cool down for example and all my transport perks are on 0s cooldowns.

    I have not used my free level 60. If I do, I probably will burn it on whatever the last class I have left is to unlock Legendary status. I have 4 out of the 8 classes unlocked so far.

    All the FPs in Revan were solo mode. These new ones to take on the star fortresses have solo as well. I didn't have much problem in the past two boxing the old flashpoints. I normally ran a tank and a dps and pulled out two healer companions. But now with solo mode and some are even tactical, you should be able to just dps spec everything and not have too much of an issue other than mechanics. I never could get past colicoid war games and the turret mini-game for example.

    I don't plan on maxing every toon. Just one other Sith warrior for my duo team and then finishing the other 4 story lines to get the presence bonuses and legendary status. Also to boost my legacy level. My legacy level is still really low because I had already completed a lot of the game on multiple toons back in the sub days before legacy came out. But now that everything scales your level down. XP is a lot easier to get running all the heroic weeklies on the old planets.

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    Thanks for the info, that was really helpful.

    I started the other day on the free level 60. I'm on chapter 7 now. Pretty fun story, but I'm not multiboxing it yet. So far, it's almost absurdly easy. I'm just mashing buttons and targeting things. My guy is level 63 now, I'm sure I'll get to 65 just doing the story.

    What server are you playing on?

    I do have 4 accounts from back in the day (all level 50's), but like you said, the companions are crazy good. It seems like they'll need to tone them down big time.
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    I play on shadowlands. Alysca and A-maya. Bastardized names of characters in my books.
    I agree. I just finished chapter 9 today with my other sith warrior who had nothing special gear and everything melted. I'm pretty sure I could have just got up and walked away and the companion would have kept me at full hp and killed all the bosses. I just have a few quests left to unlock the star fortresses and it will be duo time. There doesn't seem to be a weekly limit on data crystals (commendations) like there used to be, so gearing will be pretty quick.

    I do feel sorry for the people who have a lot of alts. These first 9 chapters are just too easy and there is no consequence for the choices like they said there would be. I'll have to level up my smuggler at some point and go through. I just don't see how a non-force user can fit into this story. Maybe there will be a nice surprise and there will be 8 storylines, but I doubt it.

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    I've had a tough time staying awake playing through the story. I'm on chapter 8 now. I keep falling asleep at the cutscenes. The story is cool and I don't want to skip it - and that's pretty much a first for me in any game. But the next level up I'm going to spacebar skip all the cutscenes.

    I actually started playing a commando or a non-force users. But I deleted that level 60, and it let me start another level 60. It really felt weird not being a sith or jedi with the storyline. So I agree with you on that one - about how a non-force users fits in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kicksome View Post
    But I deleted that level 60, and it let me start another level 60.

    As long as you don't hit 61.. you can make and delete as many 60s as you want.. once you ding a freebie to 61 your stuck with it ( or buy a new one )
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    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    I just got to the end of chapter 9. Not really sure what to do now. I guess farm heroics or something? Seems like there are a ton of terminal missions to do, but I'm not sure what ones to do to get the best items, gear etc...
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    It's basically going through the companion page, unlocking new companions. Increasing rep with the generals to unlock more companions and quests. Do weekly and daily quests for gear and run heroics for more gear. You get so many crystals for gear and items it's crazy. I'm already looking at buying gear to strip mods out of. Spam diplomacy crewskill to level companions. The new companions have quests as well when they reach certain levels of influence.

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    I've got 3 guys to 65 now. The heroics 2+ are pretty easy to run dual-boxing. It's really tempting to trying to add a few more guys to see if I can do ops. I with you could bring your companions in ops....
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