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    Question How to make most gold 5-boxing in 11 days?

    I'm starting fresh, 5 new bnets because the wow token thing. I got 11 days left on my "slave accounts" and maybe 20 on primary. I wonder how I can make the most gold, if there are something that is easy/fun to farm that makes alright gold as a multiboxer.

    I am already running all the garrison missions with salvage yard and barns etc.

    Now I wanna start farming something like cloth or some rare across different realms that rewards alright gold.

    Any ideas? I only have 5 hunters and 5 warlocks so don't think I can solo anything too hard, maybe with the hunters pets as tanks though.

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    Farming cloth is 100% useless these days. Nobody uses the old cloth and any money that could be made is small.

    Kill the 4 rares in Tanaan- Doomroller, Deathtalon, Terrorfist, and Vengeance. I usually hang in the middle and wait for their announcement. Usually they'll all spawn within an hour. You can also use LFG which is much faster but I have ran into loot issues- IE: can't loot or corpse disappears. What you're after are Medallions of the Legion- worth 4-10k depending on the server. They always sell.

    Run to Nagrand and kill the 3 new Highmaul rares. They drop 4k+ pets and apexis upgrades for baleful gear. The upgrades are also account bound and you can upgrade your team quickly to 695 gear.

    Check for Demidos in Shadowmoon Valley- drops an expensive pet, also Oruumu in Talador drops a pet.

    Run Throne of Thunder for the Pygmy Direhorn, gold , mounts.

    They also say running the first part of Heart of Fear up to the first boss with luck potions is 4k an hr or something. This is just a straight up grind though killing and vendoring. I don't usually do it because I get too bored. But it's lucrative.

    Kill Kazzak every week- sell the Felblight, enjoy the 705+ gear.
    Jinkobi on Shadowsong-US.

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    2nd what Jinkobi said.

    Will add that if you can clear 25M Heroic Cataclysm raids the gold and trash drops vendor for a nice chunk of change.

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