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    Question Seeking advice on what class to start out with as a noob...


    I'm new to ISBoxer/Inner Space and also Lord of the Rings Online.

    I'm looking to 6 box and looking for suggestions on class composition as a first time multiboxer and new to LotRO.

    Is it worth doing 6 different classes as a newbie? Or is it better to level up 6 of the same? Or some other combo?

    Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks.

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    Unless you are already really experienced with the different classes and their synergies I would probably recommend minimizing the number of classes you start out with. This will allow you to learn those classes really well in a group setting and it will also minimize the complexity of your multiboxing configuration because everyone (mostly) will be using the same abilities.

    Once you are more comfortable with the classes (and with doing complex keymaps in ISBoxer) I'd introduce more complexity in your group composition.

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    Starting out 6 boxing, especially with melee and ranges, and a bunch of the foibles that go with it, it can be easier to use 6 of the same, or 1 tank and 5 other ranged.

    Personally I found, when starting out, that running around with 6 RK's or 6 Minis, stomps over just about anything. In the later area's, where you need a tank, it can be nice to have a Guard or a Capt up front with 5 RK/Minis in behind. The Capt is a little weaker, but the bonus's are pretty decent, and if you can play it right, it works well.

    Managing a fully diverse team is harder, because they all have different skills, that have different cycles, and you need different placements, as well as having the setup to change targets for some of the ranged guys but not your tank, which hopefully is keeping a load of agro. Most of this comes down to learning about the capabilities of all your team, as well as how to setup your control of that team effectively, and making sure you are monitoring everything going on, rather than concentrating on your little bit. The play style is a bit like some of those Korean StarCraft competition players..

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    Thank you both.

    I decided to take your advice. I made two teams. The first one is "Team Hunter", and I'm guessing you know what that means. 6 hunters hehe. Second team is a guardian and 5 minstrels.

    It's been great fun so far. I went to level 16 in no time with the hunters.

    -EDIT: It's very nice to be able to pick up multiple crafting too.
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    I made a 1 guardian 5 captain group, and it worked pretty well.
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