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    Default New expansion details coming out!

    This link of a dev recap of yesterdays first live stream of expansion details is just the first of serveral leading up to launch. >> KotFE!

    If you play.. or have played in the past, its worth a look.. some cool changes coming! One change I really like is that companions are getting normalized, in two ways. First they will all have 3 rolls now.. so you can play the companion you like best and have all 3 rolls tank..healer or dps. I like that because before you had to use companions that were best for your spec, but it might not have been the companion you really liked. Second change is that you no longer have to gear companions up, the scale with your characters power! You can still dress them up for cosmetic purposes though!

    Also, anyone subbed will get the expansion for free, and its a big one... 9 chapters to start, they will add chapters as updates. They will be adding new companions as well!

    I am two boxing the game atm, leveling multi classes, but am loving my dual mercs.. easy to box and deadly!
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
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    Humm. My understanding is that only the non voice companions are accessible in the expansion. When you wake up 5 years in the future, you have none except for that Beniko space herpies sith. As you go through the chapters you can get new ones that they have been showcasing like Darth Marr from the Revan expansion. As for your old companions, the once with voice actors like Vette are gone. The non-voice companions like Broonmark you can reunite with, but your choices during the quests will determine if they rejoin you.

    It's been kind of weird with the information they have released. They said that once you start the expansion, you can't go back. But that dev-tracker link says that you can. I hope you can go back and are not locked into some new central hub zone. It will be a deathstroke to the game if they separate the non-subs from the subs like this. I can't find it now, but I specifically remember reading that the free level 60 is expansion only because you haven't done any of the story-line quests and you will be preset full dark or full light depending on the class.

    It may have been one of the E3 or developer videos where they said all that...

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    Na.. they covered that in the twitch last week.. you will not only have access to your old companions.. but you will be able to acquire other classes companions. They went over it in minor detail.. so maybe they changed their mind from E3.

    What im not clear on is when/how you get the access to your old companions, but they said you will be able to use your old companions if you want to.. as some people are attached to certain ones and the understand that.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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