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    Default [DBG] Trading WoW Tokens for EQ Krono/Play-time Cards

    Hello everybody!

    I played EQ back in the day from 2000-2004 or so and I'm interested in starting up (at first) a six box group on Ragefire due to nostalgia/boredom. Unfortunately, I'm whipped and my wife runs the finances--I'm interested in trading my WoW tokens for your Krono/DBG Play-time cards.

    If you're interested, you can PM me here or reply to this post and we can work something out--No EULA violations, just some good ole' horse-trading!
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    A few of us are on Ragefire, I don't have any assistance in the Token /Krono aspect but would be more than happy to help you out with pp in game to get you started.

    It's been extremely fun and I'm 2 months in and still enjoying it greatly, with Kunark on the horizon the content stream is going to last for quite a long time.

    Also on the "wife runs the finances" thing. I paid for 1 month for 6 and was able to churn out making a bunch of kronos to supplement for a few months. Wouldn't suggest this route though as it may lead to burnout or too much time consumed.

    PM me when you're in game though will parcel over some pp
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    Never heard from ya Mogs2, still going strong 2 months later I still got the hook up for you if you need anything.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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