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    Default EQ2 Boxing 2015 - Trying to compile as much relevant info as possible. [PROOF READ PLEASE]

    Some perspective before I begin. I have played a grand total of maybe 6 months of EQ2 and that was way back when the game was released. I decided to come back and try out some boxing. I remember the game being massive and mostly entertaining. I decided to compile as much boxing related info as far as the classes and what combos well with what.. The problem is a lot of the info on the internet is outdated as all hell.. So, feel free to ignore everything that is correct and just point out the mistakes. Or comment on whatever you think should of been added. Going to be continually editing as I receive more information.



    Shaman have wards which prevent damage. Least potential healing overall.

    Clerics have reactives which trigger after receiving damage.

    Druids have straight up heals with heal over time components. Most potential healing overall. But, most of that healing is usually over-heals/wasted.

    Best Melee Buffer = Mystic/Inquisitor

    Best Caster Buffer = Fury

    Best Emergency Healer = Warden/Templar

    Best Cures = Inquisitor/Warden

    Best Sustained Healer = Warden

    Best Overall Healer = Templar

    Highest DPS Healer = Inquisitor

    Melee Hybrid Healers = Inquisitor/Warden/Mystic (Optional through use of AA's)


    Best Single Target Tank = Guardian

    Best AoE Tank = SK/Zerker

    Best Group Healing Tank/Only Tank Rezzer = Pally

    Highest DPS Tank = Monk/SK


    Best Melee Buffs = Dirge

    Best Caster Buffs = Troub

    Best Single Target DPS = Assassin/Ranger

    Best AoE DPS = Swashbuckler

    Best Debuffs/Only Rogue Rezzer = Brigand

    Most Conditional Attacks = Assassin/Brigand (Requires Stealth/Back Attacks)


    Best Melee Buffs = Coercer

    Best Caster Buffs = Illusionist

    Best Single Target DPS = Wizard

    Best AoE DPS = Warlock

    Only Real Charm Class = Coercer (Ability to turn an enemy into your pet)




    Warlock/Wizard/Warden/Fury/All Rogues

    --Run Speed Buffers--


    --Primary Pet Classes--


    --Feign Death Classes--


    --Group Invis--


    --Group Power Regen--


    --Box Combos--

    Had to do a shit load of digging to compile the combinations. Most of the recommendations are piecemeal, or they flat out say it isn't that good, or they mention other classes that would of been better, etc.. I more or less puzzle pieced these together from tons of random boxing combination posts. The general consensus seems to be that leaving 1-3 spot/s open for a merc/s is more effective.

    Melee Group: Mystic/Inquis, Zerker, Dirge, Assassin/Ranger, Brigand

    Caster Group: Fury/Defiler, SK, Illusionist, Warlock/Wizard, Necro/Conjuror

    Raider Group: Templar, Guardian, Brigand, Illusionist/Coercer, Troub/Dirge (Filled with classes that are wanted for raiding. I personally hate raiding. But, to each their own)

    Pet Group: Defiler/Mystic, Paladin, Conjuror/Necro, Beast, Illusionist/Coercer

    And finally..

    The group/s I will probably be going with. Half utilizing the info I've gathered.. And half based on my own biases toward what I like to play..

    --Melee Group--

    Inquisitor: Seems to be the highest dps melee healer, 2 AoE's and 2 Encounter attacks, tons of procs for self and group/damage and heals, can go melee spec or stay a spell caster, options. A more offensive melee healer. But, this is the melee group.

    Zerker: Apparently they do insane AoE DPS and can tank without even trying. What more do you want from a tank in a box group? Plus they get a bunch of cool proc/random activation buffs that just sound fun. And they can duel-wield, cool.

    Dirge: The choice here was between Dirge and Coercer. Basically, at least one guy needs group power regen and melee buffs. I could of used up two spots I suppose. It just seems like support overkill to me. Kinda like the Zerker, I already have a Coercer leveled from way back as well. I can sub him in if I end up not liking the Dirge. So, win-win.

    Beastlord: High DPS (Some posts say tier 1), primary pet class. The last spot was going to be DPS regardless. So, it might as well be a pet class. Because, I like pet classes.. No other reason really.

    Last two spots: Left open for mercs or the rare occurrence a wild player/s appear/s!?

    --Caster group--

    Defiler: Mainly because of the resist debuff synergy and because I like pets.. I still hate the wards though.. But, you can't win them all. They also get lots of DoT's which just like HoT's I love. Damage spam is always fun.

    SK: Already have him leveled. Damage type synergy and gains benefit from the caster buffs. He also AoE tanks extremely well. Which is the most important part for group content in my experience. Doubly so in a box group.

    Illusionist: Group power regen, caster buffs and a pet. That's pretty much it.

    Necro: High DPS (Some posts say tier 1), primary pet class. The last spot was going to be DPS regardless. So, it might as well be a pet class. Because, I like pet classes.. And damage type synergy.

    Last two spots: Left open for mercs or the rare occurrence a wild player/s appear/s!?

    This is all based on the data I have scrounged the internetz for obviously.. So, feel free to correct everything that is no longer accurate. Any input is welcome. Thank you much.
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    If you search my and Lyonhart's (and others, this is just off the top of my head) threads from 5-6 years ago, you'll find the bulk of the useful information. Also, no summary thread about boxing EQ would be complete without Khatovar's thread on Macroing in EQ. I also remember another similar thread in how to successfully box from, I think, Lyonhart, regarding setup of hotkeys and boxer-friendly UI options.

    On your Class summaries:
    - If you're going to have an opinion about why something is "best", please explain why. For example, HoT Heals are best when your damage soaker has medium Mitigation and Avoidance (such as Zerk or any of the makeshift AA-induced Tanks, such as Brigand). Reactive Heals are good for high Mitigation, low Avoidance tanks like Guardian. Wards are good for low Mitigation, high Avoidance tanks like Monk. Really, Wards are good support to any 2-healer team. Having Reactives and HoTs doesn't make much sense on paper, but who knows.

    Also, with 6-boxing, the general consensus was to have 2 healers: A Pure (no DPS abilities in rotation) Healer, usually a Warden or Fury, and a Debuffing/Support Off-Healer, such as Inquis. Even this isn't set in stone, as a Warden, with the Melee AE Heal AA could easily be the off-healer and throw in some nukes for DPS.

    On that note:
    - Brigand is an optional tank with AA and a shield.

    - Warden with AA makes a great addition to a Melee team, with AE heals.

    I 3-box. So my group combos are only valid for this purpose.

    Melee Group / Single Target
    Brigand, Dirge, Warden
    - This group was able to solo up to 70 and do non-raid 70 dungeon entrances and some named at the time. The benefit and reason I made it is because it is easily respeccable into a high single target DPS group, as with a real tank, Brigand does high DPS from flanking, Dirge is Dirge and Warden AE Heals through AA buffs and accelerated weapon swing speed.

    As groupmates, you can use any role to supplement you. 1 Tank (Guard), 1 Melee DPS, 1 Inquisitor would be near-ideal.

    Caster Group / AE:
    Shadowknight, Warlock, Defiler
    - Mostly AE spells, all Poison/Disease, multiple ways to debuff exactly that. A little more skill level dependent - If, as you level, you don't keep up with Adept to Adept III (whatever the rare crafted variant is called now), you will find things difficult. Your SK will never lose agro on non-targeted mobs. Pretty relaxing combo.

    As groupmates, a Troub, Necro and Fury would be ideal, but any 2 caster DPS and 1 non-ward Healer will work.
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    I have a LOT of level 100's in EQ2 and have done all the recent level 100 content, except I didn't buy the brewery instance.

    I tried tons of different group makeups. The best I found is:

    SK as the tank
    Coercer (Ill/Coercer is required for a group in most of the new content)
    (Ranger/Brigand/Assassin) as DPS - take your pick
    Sweet* teams - <unGankable> - Kil'Jaeden US Alliance - 10x Shamans, 9x DKs 1x Pally, 10x Drews

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