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    Default Need help, problems launching.

    Don't know if anyone still multibox aion but I can't get it to work. I pop a client and get instantly bugged.

    Wonder if someone could help me thro this process.

    Playing on EU servers (Gameforge) Anuhart / Nexus

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    This depends on what you mean by bugged. Freezes, crashes, does nothing (that you can see), throws a brick at you?

    Usually some of these provide error messages, failing that a clearer description of what is actually occurring, rather than a brief description of what could be a swarm of angry bees, is generally helpful to anyone else to provide you with your requested help.

    Gripes out of the way now, the Aion forum at has useful help. While a bit long winded this post explains a bit about getting Aion going.

    It also points to this wiki page, which provides the parameters you might need in your Game Profile, depending on the launch method.

    You might also have an issue with some other software, in which case a diagnostic is handy. A better understanding of your issue would determine whether this was necessary.
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    Thanks for the post.. But thoose are mostly about NA.. And most eu threads are outdated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by relict View Post
    Fixed it
    Did info on the pages that mbox_box linked fix it or was it something else? If it was something else, please share so future visitors can benefit from your experience.
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