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    Default Rift is Crashing and I Suspect It's a Port Thing

    So I just went back to Rift and decided to two box my two computers. My setup is simple: One computer, one instance of Rift. I have one Computer as master and the other as slave. It is the master I'm having the issue with, tho I haven't tried on the slave.

    I've used HKN for a very long time in several games, so I'm familiar with it. I have verified my HKN script and such, which worked very nicely for me before. Now, I have an odd problem. If I log to another character or zone or similar things, Rift crashes. Well, not really because I can hear the music but it's minimized and can't be called up. Eventually, after a very long time, I'll get a Rift notice that it crashed and do I want to restart. As soon as the report is sent, I can't click ok and Rift is still crashed in the background. Everything freezes up and the only way out is for me to use the box switch at the back to restart. This doesn't happen in other games.

    I'm suspecting a port issue. It is still set to 7399 and I'm wondering if there's any other valid ports I can try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I may have found the problem. I disabled Keyscrambler and verified I was in admin mode and now I'm able to relog and zone. I only need to get a char up on the other comp and test that out but I believe it will work. I'm posting this info for anyone else who may have a similar problem, I the hope it might help them.
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    im boxing ten on rift and so far i havent had any issues. i use isboxer and downloaded the original installer from when the game first releassed so i dont need glyph.

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