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    Default raid Follow

    Hello everyone

    I'm looking for a way how I can impact more than 6 chars.
    In a normal 6 man group can make F2 + / follow, but that is not possible in the raid unfortunately. My biggest problem is that I do not get into the target with the other groups the main. Does anyone know a possibility for it?

    Sorry for my bad english but I write it again in German: D

    Hallo zusammen

    Ich suche nach einer Möglichkeit wie ich mit mehr als 6 Chars Folgen kann.
    In einer normalen 6 mann Gruppe kann macht man F2 + /Follow, doch das geht im Schlachtzug leider nicht. Mein grösstes Problem ist das ich mit den anderen gruppen den Main nicht ins Target bekomme. Kennt jemand eine möglichkeit dafür?

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    I know its possible. I've done a bit of googling to see if i can figure it out. If I find anything i'll link it.
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    Unfortunately on this page no longer available but since I saw the screenshots I'll try that too even get to

    (Boxing fun on LOTRO 17 spiders (view) - submitted 1 year ago by Stryka-1
    Nothing better than trolling the freeps on lotro with 17 spiders)

    (Lotro 12 Man team (view) - submitted 1 year ago by snoopkimble
    Lotro 12 accounts loaded at same time. No la)

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    Thank you, let's see if you can select cklibar with the character then. In any case, I now know how it goes. Thank you

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